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    Hi! I’m new to the site and to the world of customs. I have downloaded a lot of the customs, but have only been able to get the rb3con files to work. I don’t understand how to get the zip files and most of the GHtoRB3, files to work. When I try to convert them, I get a message that the files can’t be found. Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks.



    Well I’m new here also, so given the information you’ve provided, I’m only guessing at the issue. Forgive me for asking, but let’s first get the basics of the situation understood.


    Question #1: Have you successfully unzipped the .zip or .rar files? If not, download a tool like WinRAR (I prefer 7zip) and unzip these files first. Usually there is a rb3con file within the compressed file. Do the extraction first before using Party Buffalo to inject them into the flash drive.


    Question #2: if the files are already unzipped, can you provide a screen capture of the files and any error messages you are getting? A picture says a thousand words.


      The ghtorb3 files are con files that come in rar file…you don’t mean to say you were trying to convert the rar files rather than just extracting them right?


      No, files are unzipped. I don’t have any rb3con files in the zips, just one file with the name of the file and no file extension.So when I unzipped GHVHpan, for example, I get a file with that name, GHVHpanama. Is this already a converted file and ready to play? There is no _rb3con at the end. Sorry, was just a little confusing to me and my son. We both thought those files needed to be converted because we didn’t see the _rb3con in the file name.


        let me clarify then. con files are actually extensionless files. if you notice, you said _rb3con, not .rb3con. _rb3con is the name given to the files by RB3Maker and most of us leave them that day. some people remove it, or if you make the package with LeFluffie you don’t get that _rb3con.

        point is, if you get a file that you expect to be a song, and it has no extension, that’s your song file :-)


        Okay, thanks. It was just with all the talk about converting files, we were scrambling around trying to figure out how to make these work, thinking they needed to be converted. WHEW!


        I’m having the same problem with the RAR files. How do I make these work when I inject them on my flash drive?

          I’m having the same problem with the RAR files. How do I make these work when I inject them on my flash drive?


          Extract the file from within the .rar archive. It’s a compression format. <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_smile.gif”>


          Got it espher! Thanks man…


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