An Appropriate Track Attenuation

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      I can adjust the vols of a stem/channel by editing the songs.dta file. But I don’t know an appropriate hearing level.


      Magma, by default, would peg down a track by three decibels (-3.00).


      What can be annoying is whether or not your track already has a set gain.


      Assume we know what the loudest stem in a master recording is, and we start with every stem maxed out. Does this mean it’s fine to set that one stem’s volume level to zero and peg down the rest?


      Or is there a certain hearing standard, in which we should avoid using zero altogether?


      I use WaveGain to measure each track volume, with a limit of 99.9dB, as anything higher than that leads to clipping.


        It’s such a fiddly thing to work out, especially when figuring out how the stems behave against the in-game compressor.


        One thing I’ve been doing lately is to compare the preview clips in the song list to RB3 songs, so I have a basis of comparison if my track is too loud or soft.


          i set everything to 0.0 in Magma and do my audio adjustment in SoundForge, load all the stems into Audacity, check the mix, and adjust in SoundForge. that way once it goes into the way, it’s at a mix that I like.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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