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 For the next FIVE (5) weeks, our normal releases will all have at least a few TOTALLY SICK EIGHTIES TRAX! Don’t be a narbo, man — get in on this MASS COOL PARTY starting this week, and end it with a TUBULAR SURPRISE WEEK on July 3!!! BONUS!!!

Downloading all of our BITCHIN ’80s TUNEAGE is guaranteed to make you:

  • amped
  • raw
  • totally bad
  • outrageous
  • icy
  • mad proper
  • clutch
  • “in the mix”
  • boss
  • mega bulk
  • radical
  • extra “choice”!!

Cool guy farottone, who came up with the whole shindig, has this to say:

Ah, the 80s. That land where you could hike on the mountains of Glam Metal and relax on the shores of Pop. The land of opportunities, where one hit wonders used to go to retire and dino-prog bands would climb the long stairs of pop-rock charts to finally drink at the pools of fame. But not everything was good: fabric was so scarce that even rich artists could only afford to wear one glove! Even multiplatinum acts rarely had the opportunity to wear more than a wifebeater, sometimes only made of mesh to save on cotton!

The 80s captured Harmonix’s imagination. They released more songs for this decade than any other non-contemporary period, but plenty of acts, genres and big hits are still missing. For this reason, we have decided to devote an entire month to the era of bubblegum and huge hair. It’s going to have it all: big single artists pack, pop, rock, metal, dance, impossibly big acts and one hit wonders. And a lot of sax solos, of course! Since Rock Band 4 will not support keys, please dive in our June offerings: almost all songs were chosen for keys parts and they actually play pretty well in game!
This Eightiestravaganza will end July 3rd and will offer 80s classics each week, with some more recent productions thrown in. But not too many, we like our theme parties to be really historically accurate!
All our authors sincerely hope this month of songs will be as fun for you as it was for us to work on, minus the long nights fixing small issues, the swearing at the producers who buried the guitars in those classic songs and the million things that always go wrong when they shouldn’t…

So CHILL OUT with PRIMO JAMS all this month, courtesy of your RAD BROS at C3, and follow our most excellent progress on this timeline:




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