Reply To: The new database is in beta version, new Internet address!


    So can we please have a discussion on what’s happening with this site and the database? This is ridiculous. I really miss the old C3 site. I was there almost day 1 and can’t believe how frustrating and painful this new site and DB is. Constant 504 timeouts like it’s 2001, everything takes minutes to load if you’re lucky, it’s completely sluggish and nothing is being done about it. It’s been 2 years with that notification on the top saying the DB is in beta so have patience, but 2 years later? Just bring back the old C3 website that actually worked. I never understand why people wish to improve on something that isn’t broken. From a long time contributor and maker of hundreds of widely played customs and someone who at one point had the most interacted with thread in all the forums, I can’t with this anymore. I’m still making some banger Video game and soundtrack related customs but I refuse to put them here until something is done about this site to make it close to what it once was: an actual functioning site. Thank you.

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