Reply To: RBPH fork with new keyboard bits, and more!


    Will the harmonies project continue? Or Pro Guitar/Bass charts? Too many RBN songs has (still) doesn’t have harmonies.

    You can contribute by playtesting 3 pro g/b upgrades of mine if you can: 🙂

    I have a pro guitar (Fender Mustang Guitar) for Rock Band but I don’t know much about chords and notes. And my real guitar skills is not very good 🙁
    But I’ve tested, your upgrades is works. But as I said, I don’t know much about chords and notes, so I can’t say what is wrong or faulty. (at least for notes or chords.)

    And I found another mistake. Lego Rock Band ‘checkyesjuliet’ pro guitar upgrade is crashing the game, because upgrade midi file is renamed as “” but in upgrades.dta it defined as “checkyesjuliet_plus.mid”. It needs fixing.

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