Reply To: Custom Songs listed as Demo


    Ok I have spent about 10+ hours researching and testing out a bunch of stuff and I’ve made some progress. I will give as much info as I can in case anyone has this issue in the future or can help further. First I am using a RGH Xbox and I’m using my day 1 disc copy of RB3, which is not holding up to well. When I started most DLC wasn’t working and would get into a endless loop when loading songs. There is what is called RB3 coronafix TU4 which fixes this issue.

    So DLC was working but RBN and customs were being listed as demo. I have not worked on RBN songs yet but wanted to see if I could get the customs workings. Deleting song cache did nothing. There is ability to unlock DLC but that wasn’t the problem here as customs are saved games and not true DLC. I found very few posts about this, one thread on here the person said they had to use a different disc for the game and it worked.

    Well I only have the one copy so that was out of the question. I found a partial solution. I took one of the customs and changed the origin from (ugc_plus “Rock Band Network”) to (rb3 “Rock Band 3”). This got the song to work and was no longer listed as a Demo but it seemed to have broken the camera changes during the song. So that is where I’m at right now. Any other advice is welcomed.

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