Reply To: [How-To] Playing Customs on PS3


    Can i just create the extension or what? and where do i get a songs.dta file? Sorry, im new to all this so following some youtube tutorials and now im lost. Lol

    If you’re using an emulator I don’t know how to help.

    In a real PS3 you have either one of the BLUS/BLER folder depending on the version of the game. If you don’t have the “songs” subfolder, just create it empty on the PS3. If you don’t have the “songs.dta” file, create it as an empty text file (but rename it from .txt to .dta) on your PC under the “Merged songs” folder of the C3 CON Tools program, which will then fill the songs.dta file with the data you need when you use it to convert custom songs to PS3.

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