Reply To: Looking to Author/Playtest for C3?

    I am curious about learning to do EMH charts for songs that need them.


    Specifically, the Rush discog project. I posted over on the XBOX360 ISO forums about helping. I know he only does expert only.


    I have zero experience with any of the software. But am willing to learn. This project is crazy awesome and feel like I should give back something for what you guys are doing. Hopefully if I get comfortable enough with doing it I will end up doing customs of my own.


    Hey there! I actually do all difficulties but not for the Rush songs because that’s a different project for different purposes. However, if someone else can do those, I will bring the albums with all difficulties to full band delight.


    So, thanks for the offer! Here’s the course of action:

    1) Download Reaper, the audio software ypu will use for any authoring purposes, and the plug in:


    2) Install everything and give a GOOD read to the Creators docs’ reduction rules (you will find them here: …


    3) Open the Xanadu Reaper package I’ve uploaded here:

    That’s the final project, so you can see how reductions work in a “real environment”. In doubt though, always take the rules over the project, because rules weren’t written while rushing to deliver the Friday release…


    After that, wait for me to send you a cleaned up Rush songs so that you can test your skills on a solid project (tonight probably).


    However, please consider that we either do this on an album by album basis, or we don’t do this at all. This only makes sense if we at least go through it to do full albums: doing some single songs is not worth it, so take a step back and assess how much you want to do so neither of us wastes any time. I would be thrilled to go back and add the missing instruments to release full band, all difficulties Rush albums through C3 but I need commitment on your part. <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_wink.gif”>

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