Reply To: USB file limit?

Your not the only one RevengeFan with this problem. I’ve tried multiple brand and size memory sticks and cant seem to load more than about 250 to 300 songs on 1 memory stick.


I have 450 songs. Use Party Buffalo. Sometimes injectors screw up and just don’t upload files anymore. Change injector and/or check key integrity, then retry.


Hi, that’s me.


What I have been doing is, leaving the USB stick I want to use for customs in the 360, putting all “new” customs I want to add to another USB stick, slotting it both sticks to the 360, and then copying from B to A.


It seems like (all?) the save file PC programs can’t handle more than 256 files in a folder for whatever reason, but the 360 has no actual limitation like that. Weird thing, but, what can ya do.

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