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ok, I have LOTS to say about this. First of all, SKANK ON RUDE BOY!!! I am a HUGE fan of SKA and will help in any way I can (pro guitar). I have bugged Nyx for a year for Gangsters, but settled for Shanty Town. Not to shabby.


Now, on to the wish list comments:


Other than Gangster, which I continue to trumpet as a epic ska candidate for RB, I endorse the entire list above: although Enjoy Yourself might not be a perfect fit for RB. I would go with Dawning of a new Era for RB.


Madness is the OBVIOUS choice since they had pop appeal, are mega large in popularity, AND just released a new album (and still tour in England in the summertime, anyone going to the festival?) One Step Beyond is a classic, but you would have to map horns to guitar since its really only a bass guitar song. I think House of Fun would be a Grand-f’n slam. but would take Baggy Trousers over My Girl because of the KEYS (and key solo)!!


You always want to cheat towards songs with Harmonies and keyboards. To that end, might I suggest DHC? Dance Hall Crashes have the epic DUAL girls singers, which would be incredibly unique! Might I suggest Queen for a Day, Shelly, Lost Again, or even Flying. All with truly epic guitars. … +For+A+Day



The Beat/English Beat: Mirror in the Bathroom. Such a well known tune, you cant go wrong here. Although Jeanette is also awesome.


I thought Real Big Fish – BEER was an inspired choice also! Excellent party rock/ska song.


Toasters: Possibly the best representation of modern NYC ska. and there is a cheesy organ sound I love so much… I like their cover of Secret Agent Man, Two tone Army is also fine.


Streetlight Manifesto are currently popular, so I expect these guys would go over well, but dont translate well for me. (I would go with Forces of Evil instead)


and what about Tokyo Ska Paradise? Song ideas?


And local Detroit band Gangster Fun did an awesome cover of “Wanna Be Like You” from Jungle book!


and who can forget the Selecter – Three Minute Hero or Too Much Pressure?


and if you love chicago sko, how about the Untouchables: Agent Double 0 Soul? FUNKY!


Mustard Plug – Mr. Smiley?

Scofflaws – Rudy’s Back?

Allstonians – Spike?! [cheese value is out of this world]


oH! and Toot’s and the Maytals – Monkey Man made it into a movie even! (wild thornberrys i think)



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