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June 13 – Ska/Reggae 6-pack, "Turn Down for What", Seether, and Christopher Cross!

Note: Videos may contain authoring issues that have been fixed, and are for preview purposes only. Video recording courtesy of Lowlander.

C3 releases for June 13, 2014:
Mostly New! Ska/Reggae C01 6-pack

  • 10cc – “Dreadlock Holiday” (farottone)
  • Desmond Dekker and the Aces – “007 (Shanty Town)” X (Nyxyxylyth feat. columbo777)
  • Desmond Dekker and the Aces – “Israelites” X (Nyxyxylyth feat. columbo777)
  • Less Than Jake – “All My Best Friends Are Metalheads” (Nightmare Lyra)
  • Madness – “One Step Beyond” X (Nyxyxylyth feat. columbo777)
  • FtV: Rush – “The Enemy Within” (farottone)

New! Singles

  • Christopher Cross – “Ride Like the Wind” (farottone)
  • DJ Snake – “Turn Down for What (ft. Lil Jon)” (Gigakoops)
  • Seether – “Tonight” M (ws54)

A red X denotes Pro Guitar/Pro Bass charts, a blue M denotes full multitracks, a blue K denotes a “karaoke” multitrack (separated vocals), and a rusty 2x denotes that a 2x Bass Pedal version is also available.

Ska/reggae pack, huh? Normally this is where I’d make some lame copy-writing jokes about dreadlocks, pot, and Bob Marley, but I think that’s probably selling reggae (and especially ska) a little short, you know? Sometimes I regret not having more knowledge about various genres of music. I mean, come on, the ska songs I know best are “The Impression That I Get” and that Goldfinger song from Tony Hawk. Is that any way to live? Am I just squandering my time in this life? Does anything really mean anything? Will my lack of knowledge about reggae and ska echo throughout the material plane and cause eddies of discontentment and sadness?
Knowledge is temporary. Reality is an illusion. Life is meaningless. Oh, and we have “Turn Down for What” and two other great singles this week, too!

Why should you download these songs?

  • “Ride Like the Wind” – More soft classic rock to flesh out your library. And our first track by Christopher Cross, too!
  • “Turn Down for What” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TxV4dkRi8M
  • “Tonight” – ws54 says, “Melodic alt-rock at its best from the same album as the excellent ‘Country Song’ already in Rock Band.”
  • “Dreadlock Holiday” – Chill and relaxed, like most great reggae tunes, but Keys players may find themselves working quite a bit.
  • “Shanty Town” and “Israelites” – Nyx says, “As an 80s teen, I covered all the usual ska bases: Madness, English Beat, Specials. But 1990’s “Miami Blues” was my kind of film noir, and its soundtrack led me all the way back to Desmond Dekker’s ‘Israelites’. The two Dekker songs contain more chill than a full fifth of rum. As a bonus, you can finally see what the lyrics are, because until now I had no freaking idea what he was saying.” (And they both have Pro Guitar and Bass!)
  • “All My Best Friends Are Metalheads” – NL says, “Blistering bass, energetic drums, cool horn lines to Keys and a lot of nostalgia makes this a great track both for parties and for solo play.”
  • “One Step Beyond” – Ska through and through, with horns on Keys, syncopated guitar, and a singing part that can’t be described as anything but “ska vocals”. If the Pro G/B on Desmond Dekker was too chill for you, try this upbeat part on for size.
  • “The Enemy Within” – This isn’t quite ska or reggae, but it’s certainly influenced by them, and come on, it’s Rush! Everything you’d expect from a Rush song, including a badass bass line.

Fixes uploaded in the last week to previous C3 releases:

  • Chaotrope – “Yuukei” (incl. 2x bass): Correct version uploaded (v1 was not compiled correctly)

See you next Friday!

Mostly New! Ska/Reggae C01 6-pack

Additional authoring credit: columbo777 (Pro G/B)

Additional authoring credit: columbo777 (Pro G/B)

Additional authoring credit: columbo777 (Pro G/B)

New! Singles

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