Xbox 360 Customs Crashing

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      Wasn’t sure what thread this belonged in, so forgive me, please.
      Recently i turned on my Xbox 360 and all the customs I put on it were gone. I could put them back on from my flashdrive and they stay and are playable, but now I am getting crashes. In the middle of the song, i get booted to song selection and then it tells me that the song is corrupted. From that point the song is unplayable until I remove and put it back on the harddrive.
      Now im not 100% sure if this is ONLY happening with songs on my harddrive or if I could avoid this by playing solely from my flashdrive. If thats the case, i suppose thats fine, but it does make it significantly more frustrating, especially since I am still running a very old customs flashdrive. I am still using Modio and Update 4 and a Madcatz version of Rockband on a non-updated Xbox 360.
      Im kicking around a bunch of ideas like jailbreaking my old ps3 or buying a new xbox 360, but I am unfamiliar with the process of using customs on those things.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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