When is there any tutorial of making custom songs?

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    When can I find tutorial which shows how making custom songs?

    Is there that on this forum, because I can’t find it, I find only making vocal, but how do I have to do drums and bass or guitar? The best tutorial will be on a browser in text format, not in YT how a film.

    Can somebody offer good tutorial?

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      Sure can, here is the ‘official’ documents.



      Personally, I use Editor on Fire to create the music charts.


      It comes with a great manual built in, Then I insert everything into the RBN Template for Reaper. Then prof read it to the docs in the first link.

      Some more steps are laid out here.



        One is in the making, but it’s a loooong project…

          I try to use Eof but how can I do the drums charts in this programme?

          In the header select Song>Track>PART DRUMS

          Add notes with the right click

          For more drum options, From the header click Note>Drum

          Also don’t forget to change the Color Set to RockBand in the File>preferences

        Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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