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      Confirmed for March 27. Committed songs so far:

      • Alabama 3 – “Woke Up This Morning” (The Sopranos) (farottone)
      • Elliott, Ferguson, Berghofer – “Barney Miller” (Barney Miller) (Nyxyxylyth)

      Just an idea I’ve had kicking around. Some candidates to start us off:

      • Gary Portnoy – “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” (Cheers)
      • Joey Scarbury – “Believe It or Not” (The Greatest American Hero)
      • Regina Spektor – “You’ve Got Time” (Orange is the New Black)
      • Robin Sparkles – “Let’s Go to the Mall” (HIMYM)
      • Jace Everett – “Bad Things” (True Blood)
      • The Rembrandts – “I’ll Be There for You” (Friends)
      • They Might Be Giants – “Boss of Me” (Malcolm in the Middle)
      • Freezepop – “Jem and The Holograms Theme” (Jem)
      • Jason Paige – “Pokémon Theme” (Pokémon) (FtV?)

      I like to stick to ones that are either rock-themed or so iconic that it doesn’t matter, but that’s just me. Ideas? Did I miss any obvious ones?

          [*]Gary Portnoy – “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” (Cheers)

          [*]The Rembrandts – “I’ll Be There for You” (Friends)


        Interested in these, plus I would love to do the Different Strokes theme but I’m not sure there’s material for it around.


          Obligatory anime theme thread.


          Actually j/k, I’ll just list a couple of english language themes for cartoons/anime/kids shows that wouldn’t be bad fits (solid instruments and/or vocal parts). Also not too juvenile (e.g. Bear in the Big Blue House has awesome instrumention, but is obviously a very kiddie show) — although I would totally give Muppet Babies a pass.




          (dat instrumentation — bonus:


          (surprisingly awesome)

          The Muppet Show (bonus:

          , w/ each episode having a different cast member/Fozzy joke)

          Powerpuff Girls

          Reading Rainbow (but mainly for the AWESOME Jimmy Fallon “The Doors” rendition)

          (though the

          is pretty good too).



          Should be enough to get people thinking, at least. Also some other cool opportunities here to go along the same vein with film. Arabian Nights from Aladdin, for example (though did that get used for the TV show as well?).


          Also a little disappointed to not see Growing Pains and the mashup w/ Blurred Lines. Also, the later Drew Carey Theme Show theme (Cleveland Rocks).


          Edit: Oh, how can I forgot Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? and Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? haha.


          There’s already a custom made for Billy Nye the Science Guy. I don’t know if there’s a download somewhere though.


            That 70’s Song – Cheap Trick

            +1 for Cleveland Rocks. These two go together well.


            MTV Theme Song (80’s version)

            Miami Vice Theme – Jan Hammer

            Rockford Files – Mike Post (also from Mike Post:Theme From Magnum P.I., and a dozen more.)

              There’s already a custom made for Billy Nye the Science Guy. I don’t know if there’s a download somewhere though.

              I’m not sure if it’s the exact same custom but I have an old RBA file of it.



              Also, I’d love it if someone could help me finish my custom of the theme from 90’s Spider-Man (Joe Perry).


                There’s a ton of Disney songs I would consider (@espher), but I figured that could be its own thread.

                There’s a ton of Disney songs I would consider (@espher), but I figured that could be its own thread.


                Phil Collins *cough* Tarzan *cough*


                  About the Disney songs. Have 2 of the Tarzan songs on my list for my thread over in the “Other Customs” forum, as well as Beauty and the Beast songs, and Circle of life from lion king, if anyone wanted to do these let me know and I won’t do them.


                    (dat instrumentation — bonus:


                    I would love that.


                    (though the

                    is pretty good too).

                    My wife would love that.


                    Also, I strongly vote for Nyx to FtV the Firefly theme <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_biggrin.gif” />


                    I planned on releasing a cover of the Doctor Who theme song as a custom for the show’s 50th Anniversary weekend, if that helps. It’s by the Traffic Experiment, and they were nice enough to give me stems for it too.


                    I’ve also had this idea kicking around my head for a while. Here are my picks:


                    Green Day – “The Simpsons Theme”

                    Cheap Trick – “That ’70s Song (In the Street)” (That ’70s Show)

                    Barenaked Ladies – “Big Bang Theory Theme”

                    The Rembrandts – “I’ll Be There for You” (Friends)

                    The 88 – “At Least It Was Here” (Community)

                    Harvey Danger – “Flagpole Sitta” (Peep Show)

                    Jason Paige – “Pokémon”


                    Unfortunately, my commitments to the EBA/Scotland packs mean I couldn’t really contribute until December at the earliest. But happy to do The Simpsons Theme and help out with the others after that.


                    It could have been cool to get the 80’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon’s theme, I will say that much <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_cheeky.001.gif” />


                      If we did something like this, I was thinking January or February.


                        If I can find high-quality audio of it, I am so totally going to do “Walk the Dragon,” the first Dragon Ball Z theme for the English dub. I think a RB2 custom exists, but I’ll do this chart myself.

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