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    this may be the 1000000kkk post about title update, and belive me I read and tried almost everything.

    My problem, like many other posts about this is that animations dont display correctly during this songs and even dont display correctly with the official “new” songs.

    What i mean is that if I play any song from the original rb3, or some old DLC (like Doors), animations will display ok.

    If I play custom songs or even something like Green Day official port to rb3, the animations dont display correctly.


    Since I have a JTAG console I just place everything at the xbox HD (that I also customize with a notebook HD 500 Gbs), and I have tried to place this TU everywhere people told me like cache folder and rb3 folder 00000001, 00000002 etc..

    I even tried to place TU#5 when I stupidly thought TU could be the reason animations were not working. I just couldnt see customs so I delete and place TU#4 back…

    Also tried to clean all cache from xbox with some storage feature i dont remember exactly.


    No solution until now..


    Direct question: where to place TU#4 if i’m playing direct from HD?


    Also: I play rb3 also direct from HD, no disc, just DVD image is at my HD.


    Am I that stupid?




      Even if you use your HD, do something simple: format a USB stick anyway with the Xbox, then use Horizon to inject the TU. Horizon has the folders on the stick explicitly named (you should see an Installers folder). If you don’t see the folder, download TU5 on the USB stick in game, Xbox will take care of creating the proper folder. Once that’s done, and you have the Tu4 file in the Installers folder, connect the USB stick and from the Xbox, move the file to your HDD.


      So I tried that a bit different since I dont have the latest dashboard updates and I cannot format a USB stick with xbox.

      I just researched which folder horizon would inject a TU and that would be 000B0000 inside game folder, I created this folder and place TU there… nothing… animations still broke.


      Any other help?

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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