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      hey guys.


      after my contributions over the next 3 weeks, I am stopping my involvement with charting new customs or converting new songs from GH. going forward I will only keep The Beatles project and continue to do the programming I’ve been doing for you and working on the weekly preview videos.


      with that in mind, I decided I would put up the projects that I have started or was about to start, since I still would love to see them end up in the game.


      so here’s a list of my projects, both started and those that never got beyond a “write-down-I-want-to-do-that-song” thing.

      if you’re interested in completing one or more of these, please announce it by posting in this thread. I will begin uploading and sending links later in the week. anything you take and finish you can release as your own work, I don’t need credit. I just really would love to see these in the game.


      In Progress Projects

      Aerosmith – Crazy *

      Aerosmith – Jaded *

      John 5 Featuring Jim Root – Black Widow of La Porte (GH WoR convert, full multitrack) – Nightmare Lyre

      Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven (full multitrack cover)

      Linkin Park – Blackout (GH WoR convert, full multitrack)

      Michael Buble – Haven’t Met You Yet (karaoke stems included)

      Michael Buble – Sway

      My Chemical Romance – Welcome to the Black Parade (to add keys/pro keys to the HMX original)

      Nat King Cole – Unforgettable *

      Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb (existing custom that needs polishing and EMH) – Drihscol

      Primus – Tommy the Cat * (existing custom that needs polishing)

      Rebecca Black – Friday * (existing custom that needs polishing)

      The Bloodhound Gang – The Bad Touch (existing custom that needs polishing and EMH)

      The Fray – Over My Head * (karaoke stems included)

      Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Listen to Her Heart (GH WoR convert, full multitrack)


      Projects Never Started(aka ideas for great songs you would have seen from me in the future)

      Avril Lavigne – Sk8ter Boi

      Billy Joel – River of Dreams

      Bryan Adams – Everything I Do

      Bryan Adams – Heaven

      Bryan Adams – Love A Woman

      Cee Lo Green – Forget You

      Frank Sinatra – My Way (full multitrack cover)

      Harry Chapin – Cat’s in the Cradle

      KC & The Sunshine Band – Get Down Tonight

      KC & The Sunshine Band – That’s The Way

      Meat Loaf – I’d Do Anything for Love

      O-Zone – Dragostea din tei (English version)

      Smash Mouth – I’m a Believer

      UB40 – Baby I Love Your Way

      Weird Al – The Saga Begins

      AlterBridgeMetalingus_rb3con (existing custom that needs to be completed)

      T(existing custom that needs polishing and EMH)


      that’s the list. projects with a * next to them have had considerable work already put in, but obviously are not completed, most of them because I got to a point I couldn’t get past. the rest are at different stages but have had something already done at least.


      have at it.


        So, is “Tommy the Cat” the studio version or the live version? I ask because when I see “existing custom that needs polishing,” the only existing custom I can think of is



        Definitely up for comfortably numb

          Definitely up for comfortably numb


          will pm you the link in a bit. uploading now.

            So, is “Tommy the Cat” the studio version or the live version? I ask because when I see “existing custom that needs polishing,” the only existing custom I can think of is



            I believe it is. let me know if you want the files.


            I’d be happy to take the Bryan Adams tracks, I was planning on doing Everything I Do at some point anyway.


            Also happy to collaborate on I’m a Believer. Love that song.


              You’ve chosen songs from my ideas group so those I haven’t done anything. Just start!

              I would love to have them and I think they’re great songs but as I said in the OP I haven’t even started those.


                I had started this thread before this Collaboration Board was a thing. It seems to be getting things going, so I’m moving this thread here. These projects are still there, some of which have a lot of work done, and some of which are great songs that should see the light of day!


                Anyone? :haw:


                If anyone grabs Cee Lo Green – Forget You, be sure to consider adding the proper uncensored version as well <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_wink.gif” />

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