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    I hope I can go on to make customs myself eventually, but I thought I’d get a thread like this started. I’m not very “into” punk, but it’s a genre I’d like to see represented more.


    So, Punk isn’t exactly known for its stellar instrumentation, but I think a lot of it could be pretty fun to play in Rock Band. The harmonies in some bands would be great, as well.


    Bad Religion, the “Godfathers of Punk,” have had a couple songs in the DLC, and ’21st Century Digital Boy’ remains my most played song… well, ever. They’ve also been in a couple other games, like in the first Guitar Hero and the upcoming Band Fuse with ‘Infected’ and in Power Gig with ‘I Want To Conquer The World.’


    -Los Angeles is Burning:

    -American Jesus:

    (Good pro guitar opportunity)

    -Stranger Than Fiction:

    -Billy Gnosis:

    -Fields Of Mars:


    Swingin’ Utters had a song in RB3, ‘This Bastard’s Life.” It’s a decent song, and It was mainly put in to showcase the keyboard, but I think they have some better music to offer for Rock Band.


    -Brand New Lungs:



    These are just a couple of punk bands that could deserve more music in the game. Suggest some more, even if they’re the “so-called” punk types, like Green Day and Blink-182 (You know, because those two don’t have enough music in the game already (But you can still like them! Punk can be confusing.).)


    …Speaking of Green Day, their mid- and early- career got robbed in GDRB. I’d have loved some music from there…



    Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?:


    I’d LOVE to see some more Rancid.


    You want a bass challenge? Have some Maxwell Murder:


      You got my vote for Bad Religion. The harmonies would be so amazing on songs from say the Stranger than Fiction album. Being such a huge fan of them I’ll take anything.




        Beat on the Brat

        California Sun

        My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down

        …Speaking of Green Day

        Some live Green Day would be killer. It won’t play well with singers since live tracks differ from studio tracks, but I find it kick-ass when you can hear an actual in-game live audience cheer while you pound away at your instrument.

        I also really hoped HMX would have released another Green Day pack with

        in it.

        >implying Green Day isn’t punk-related

        …Swingin’ Utters…


        I would love to have Five Lessons Learned in RB3.


        We could use some hardcore punk. Black Flag and Bad Brains primarily.


        The Clash – “Janie Jones” (There has to be a really good reason why this is not in R:cool:

        Black Lips – “Bad Kids” / “Modern Art”

        The Thermals – “No Culture Icons”

        Against Me! – “I Was a Teenage Anarchist”

        The Orwells

        The Hives – “Come On”

        Live Skull – “Machete”

        Be Your Own Pet


        Bad Religion – Infected (use Guitar Hero 2 DLC, for Guitar and Bass charts)

        Sum 41 – Over My Head

        Sum 41 – The Hell Song

        Sum 41 – No Brains

        Sum 41 – No Reason

        The Offspring – You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid

        We could use some hardcore punk. Black Flag and Bad Brains primarily.



        I would love to see some Battery as well, since they’re one of my favorite Hardcore Punk bands.

        Or some NOFX songs, their first album (Liberal Animation) was very Hardcore-ish.



        – We’re Gonna Fight

        – Go Back To The Gym

        – In The Dirt

        – Young Until I Die



        – Coolidge

        – Van

        – Cameage

        – Suburban Home

        – Hope



        – Waiting Room


        Green Day (Harmonix left out their best album ><img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_frown.gif” /> )

        – Stuck With Me

        – Bab’s Uvula Who?

        – Panic Song

        – Stuart and the Ave.

        – Westbound Sign



        – She’s Got The Look

        – I’m Destroying The World


        Me First & The Gimme Gimmes

        – Blowin’ In The Wind

        – All My Loving

        – San Francisco

        – Danny’s Song

        – Rocket Man

        – I Believe I Can Fly

        – Country Roads

        – Over The Rainbow



        – Shining

        – Helena

        – Astro Zombies

        – Walk Among Us

        – Scream!



        – Shut Up Already

        – Beer Bong

        – No Problems

        – I Live In A Cake

        – Vanilla Sex

        – Stickin’ In My Eye

        – Liza And Louise


        The Offspring

        – Want You Bad


        Ok, I stop here. It’s already too much…


          Bad Religion – “Fuck You”

          It clocks in at just slightly over 2 minutes, so I’d really like to see that the most because it’s easier.


          Would love to play …


          Tenpole Tudor – Swords of a Thousand Men…



          Bad Religion – “Fuck You”

          It clocks in at just slightly over 2 minutes, so I’d really like to see that the most because it’s easier.

          I like this idea. May add it to my potential list of stuff to do.

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