The Posies, anyone? (Mid 90s Power Pop Band)

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    Ok, so anybody who would know me from the Rock Band forums should know that I am a huge fan of this band. Sadly, pretty much nobody has heard of them, despite a few of their singles from the album “Frosting on the Beater” getting decent radio airplay, but they are a rather notorious band in the power pop genre, and the Seattle scene. It’s a shame this band never got any exposure in the RB games, because anything like “Dream All Day”, or “Solar Sister”, “I May Hate You Sometimes”, or even “Flood of Sunshine” (Which would be bound to kick any avid RB guitar player’s a** with Jon Auer’s amazing guitar solos.) would’ve been great to see. Here’s a taste of the band if you’re curious to hear them:





      Definitely heard Dream All Day before.

      Definitely heard Dream All Day before.


      Hmm, kinda not surprised tbh, but I’m more surprised about how this band wasn’t all that big. A lot of songs off Frosting on the Beater would’ve been good for RB. Hell, I actually consider FOTB to be one of the most underrated albums of the 90s, but that’s just me.


        The Posies would be great…as would any other power pop band eg. Redd Kross, Jellyfish, Sloan…

        Sid Kafizz

          Don’t even get me started on Jellyfish. The fact that the world only got two albums from them is a crime.


          Another Power Pop band we should’ve gotten was Big Star. They were a really good band, and we got that song “Alex Chilton” in RB2 too. But I can’t tell you how bad I wanted to see the Posies in RB, especially their Frosting material.


          And “Joining a Fan Club” from Jellyfish is a good one, great harmonies.

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