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    I was introduced to the heady world of Rock Band Customs this weekend and even with my limited understanding of consoles on a technical level found it relatively painless to get a million-billion songs into my Rock Band 3 library. So thank you to everybody who has put in their time, effort and energy to making this entire enterprise possible. You’re all awesome.


    Similarly awesome is a British bang by the name of The Feeling, who released their debut album, “Twelve Stops and Home”, in 2006. You might have heard one or two of their songs – “

    “, “

    ” and “

    ” were hits in the UK and got some radio airtime in the US – and I’ve long felt that their songs, with their rich harmonies and wonderful instrumentation, would make a great addition to the Rock Band music library.


    In an ideal world, I’d love to see the entirety of “Twelve Stops and Home” available on Rock Band 3, but if I had to pick just three songs I’d go with the ones I mentioned above. Then I’d throw in “he Greatest Show on Earth/We Can Dance” from their second album as a fourth song, because I’m greedy. Yes, I know. Terrible.


    Anyway, that’s it. Thanks for reading!

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