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      Hey all; first I just want to say thanks for making the site and all the work you do. I’m very new to the customs scene, but I hope to become a much more active member in the future.


      Starting now!


      I’m working on my first custom, which is A Crow Left of the Murder by Incubus. I’d love to get some general feedback on things I can do to improve my chart, as I feel it is now in the final “polishing” phase.


      There’s a video of all 4 expert tracks



      Here are the things I know need some work:

      My dry vox file is just me singing the lyrics and trying to enunciate and emphasize endings and such. Still, there are parts where the character’s lips either look incorrect, or don’t look like they do anything. Not sure exactly what to do to fix that, or even to figure out where all the mistakes are since I don’t know how to only watch the singer’s mouth during the performance.

      The band animations are a little rusty. They keep bouncing along with the song after the end. Looks a bit funny.

      I did all 4 difficulties for all 3 parts. My initial criticism of my own work is that each step down is probably still a bit difficult :/ It’s been way too long since I played or even watched anyone play on anything but expert. I’d love some feedback on that, but I don’t know exactly what files I’d need to post for someone to be able to analyze my work.


      Anyway, any positive or critical feedback welcome! Thanks.


        Hi. I think this is a good first effort, and we can always use more Incubus!


        There’s only so much that can be reviewed from watching a video. If you want someone to look closer you should zip up the RPP file (assuming you used Reaper) and the audio file and put it up on MediaFire and then link to it here.


        Things looked out of sync in the video but that could just be the video.

        Put [idle_realtime] in each track to stop that character from bopping around to music that is no longer there.


          Alright, here is the .RPP file and the .mp3 file used to make it. I hope that’s what was needed.


          I don’t know what to say about the sync; most likely it is the video but when I watch it they seem pretty synced.


          Whoa, this is your first custom? It’s really really good for a first custom, that’s for sure haha


          From the video, here is some feedback:

          -Yeah the audio is completely out of sync in the video for the instruments, but hopefully that is just the video then. Though oddly it seems to sync well with the vocals, which could indicate one or the other is off sync with each other, so check into that

          -Drums during the second verse, there sounds like there is a bunch of missing snares on the off beat, sounding like there should be some sort of Y Y/R YRYRY Y/R pattern going on at times in stead of just Y Y/R Y Y/R

          -Try putting a [mellow] animation marker on the very last sustain in the song for Guitar and Bass and put a [idle_realtime] even once it ends. Put a [idle_realtime] on Vocals and Drums a 8th or so after the final note is played.

          -Consider spicing up the venue with a few directed cuts and more lighting changes, for example using Chorus lighting in the Choruses and Cool or Silhouette light during the bridge. Guides on this and the correct way to do reductions can be found in the RBN docs that we have mirrored on the site and can be found here:


          But yeah, as long as the sync issue is not there I would say this would be in a “ready for professional playtest” state, so good work!


            I don’t have much time but I took a quick look and the Guitar looks in sync.


            – This is subjective and no one would fault you for keeping it as you have it, but the note at 4.1.00 and all notes with that same pattern I think should be a strummed note and not a hammer on.


            -Starting from the same note as 4.1.0 (and all similar) you go up to Yellow sometimes and red other times. I get it that the patterns are slightly different, but I am wondering if there is a way to keep those first 3 notes consistent in both patterns and change something else? For example: Pattern 1 could be GRYB YRY. Pattern 2 could be GRYO YRY. That keeps the GRY notes on the same lanes since they are the same notes and also keeps the YRY on the same lanes too since they too are the same notes. Give it some thought.


            Are you sure you’ve never done this before? Great job! (at least on Guitar)


              Thanks very much for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

              – Rewatching the video, I can now see the syncing issue. I’m pretty sure it has to do with my in game calibration. I may have to manually adjust the audio over the rest of my videos to compensate.

              – About the drums, I can definitely hear the snare hits you’re talking about. I guess I’m not all that clear on which ghost notes to include and which to leave out. Hearing you say that, I’ll go back and add in some of those hits where they are most audibly prominent. I know the drummer often has some soft bass hits in there as well, and I’ve chosen to omit those for the sake of the chart not looking too busy/overcharted.

              – I will make the exact changes described in the animations; thanks.

              – I’ll have to do some more reading about venue modifications and will try to direct those to be a bit more interesting.

              – On the guitar chart, I like the idea of having forced strums at the start of every phrase. I will change it to reflect that. About your second point, I thought of doing the chart exactly the way you described there, but I decided to go with my current chart to have it more directly contrast the part immediately following. I guess that’s a personal preference; I just didn’t want the first part to go GRYB YRY GRYBYRY because that would make it seem like the same notes were being played in both sections. I prioritized that variance over the tonal consistency.


              And yes, I’ve never done this, but I’ve spent a ton of time reading those docs, reading these forums, nitpicking my charting, and of course playing Rock Band. Thanks for the compliments, though. <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_smile.gif” />

                I prioritized that variance over the tonal consistency.


                If, when using a real guitar you would play the exact same notes in the same way, then you should also try to use the exact same arrangement in 5-lane (as long as that it possible.)


                Generally, keep consistency throughout the whole song if possible.

                If not, then keep consistency throughout the major parts of the song (verses, choruses, solos, etc.) if possible.

                If not, then keep consistency within nearby phrases, if possible.

                If not, then breaking consistency is necessary.


                Also keep consistency when the same part repeats throughout in the song.


                Assuming you would want to release this through C3 someday then that would be one of the things play-testers would bring up for discussion. There is room for some flexibility there. If you’re not going through C3 then anything goes.


                  Well I made the changes you suggested on guitar and polished up my venue chart as much as I could. I think I’m just about done with this song, but I still have one issue with the venue chart; I don’t know how to shorten the directed cuts. I like them, but they last unnaturally long, and it seems they take priority over everything except each other, so I don’t know how to make them end sooner.


                  If I can find a way to fix that, then I will return to this chart. Until then, I’m calling this project done until I can get a few people to playtest it for me and see if it’s ready for release. Here is the project file and the MP3 in case anyone has more input to offer that way. I’m going to move on to my next song.


                  Yesss, moar Incubus. This is beautiful.

                  Well I made the changes you suggested on guitar and polished up my venue chart as much as I could. I think I’m just about done with this song, but I still have one issue with the venue chart; I don’t know how to shorten the directed cuts. I like them, but they last unnaturally long, and it seems they take priority over everything except each other, so I don’t know how to make them end sooner.


                  Okay, let’s say you have this setup:

                  [directed_guitar] – – – – – [coop_all_near]


                  To make it so the directed cut ends at the exact moment the next cut comes in, do this:

                  [directed_guitar] [directed_guitar] – – – – [coop_all_near]


                  This at least works for me, so hopefully it will for you too. Also if you ever want to fade lighting or post processing effects into each other for cool effects and smoother transitions, you can use this same method on lighting and post processing to achieve that effect.

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