Stonesour – Do Me a Favor {V2-31/08/13}

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    Con –

    Source –


    Release date is currently not set.


    All tracks are done X

    Drums:Feeling fairly good

    Guitar:First Run through, possible problems

    Bass:First Run through, possible problems

    Keys:First Run through, possible problems

    Vocals:Unable to chart vocals, would enjoy to help with these.


    V1 – initial upload

    V2 – drum & gamedata fix-ups



      • I’d list the band as “Stone Sour” to match up with the rest of the released songs.
      • The first measure is 90 BPM (albeit with nothing in it), the rest of the song is 140. And no count-in. I’m hoping there’s one in the CON, because I really only playtest from the Reaper file. Just a reminder that count-ins are really important.



      • Using M30 as a general outline: In the general chorus pattern, there is no kick at M30.3 and there’s a ghost snare at M30.3.33.
      • M44.1: No kick here.
      • M44.1.33: There should be a kick here.
      • M44.1.66: Move this green to yellow. This is a snare flam.
      • M79.1: No kick here.
      • M79.1.33: There should be a kick here.
      • M79.1.66: Move this green to yellow. This is a snare flam.
      • M80.4.66: This green should be red.
      • M81.4.66: This green should be red.
      • M82.4.66: This green should be red.
      • M83.4.66: This green should be red.
      • M84.4.66: This green should be red.
      • M85.4.66: This green should be red.
      • M87.4.66: Missing red.
      • M98.4: Lose the red before this on and add a yellow with a tom marker. A red plus a tommed yellow are used to represent snare flams, a technique that involves hitting a snare (or any drum for that matter) with both sticks, with one trailing ever so slightly after the other. Ever play “My Sharona?” The main beat uses a flam.
      • M106.2, 106.3, 106.4: Missing kicks here.
      • M110.4: I think there’s a missing kick here.
      • M114.3: Missing kick here.
      • M114.4: Missing kick here.
      • M118.4: I’m sure there’s a missing kick here.
      • M122: Add a yellow tom to Mx.1 and Mx.2.5, and remove the kick at Mx.4 and replace it with a blue tom. Repeat with M123 and M124.
      • M125: Add yellow toms to Mx.1, x.3.5, and x.4; add a blue tom to Mx.2.5.

      thanks, there’s a few things in the confusing drum part that I noticed weren’t actually there after I went through and fixed those snares such as the second snare right after that.


      And I do know what a flam is, quite well and I had that charted as double snares since how I chart drums is based on what i can hear and then what i can hear when i play this on my drum set. which is why you will see me do a lot of flams that way rather than with a tom. since when i play it with a tom it sounds a lot different. So its a matter of playing habits compared to game style.


      and that 90bmp is where i got lazy so it met the 2.4 second needed space so i could quickly compile. Usually i would have the first notes starting at the third measure. it’ll be updated in the next upload.


        Well, if it’s a snare flam, then it should be red/yellow. Though there are arguments to be made for personal charting style in borderline cases (e.g. wrapping), I believe that snare flams are distinctly codified in the charting spec. That doesn’t preclude you from using red/green when appropriate, however.


        If this song gets hung up for lack of vocals, I’m willing to contribute (as the missus is currently obsessed with this song).


          I opened this up in REAPER, and it looks like there’s a lot more work to do. @RyanHYK was right about most of the drum stuff, but I think there’s more to do.


          I’ll try to carve out some time when you get this to a new version. Also, give me the word on whether you have someone to do vocals.

          Also, give me the word on whether you have someone to do vocals.

          as you can see no one has posted to do vocals in this thread they are still needed. so please do if you want.

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