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      Hey C3 folks! I’m wondering if anyone is working on full band customs (including all difficulties and keys on the respective songs) for the following artists and/or songs/albums? If not, I would love to see these come to the C3 database for Xbox 360/PS3.
      –Judas Priest: Firepower, Evil Never Dies, Sword of Damocles, Prophecy, The Four Horsemen, Judas Rising, Demonizer, Wheels of Fire, Hellrider, Beyond the Realms of Death, Starbreaker, Tyrant, One for the Road
      –Sabaton: Stormtroopers, Soldier of Heaven, Hellfighters, Steel Commanders, 82nd All the Way, Sparta, Shiroyama, The Last Battle, 7734, Night Witches, Resist and Bite, Gott Mit Uns, Primo Victoria, Swedish Pagans, Ghost Division, The Red Baron
      –Delain: Hideaway Paradise, The Quest and the Curse, Beneath, Tainted Hearts, Moth to a Flame, Queen of Shadow, Underland, The Glory and the Scum, Suckerpunch, Don’t Let Go
      –Disturbed: Hey You, Bad Man, Divisive, Unstoppable, Feeding the Fire, Part of Me, Won’t Back Down, Are You Ready
      –Ghost: ‘Impera’ album, Enter Sandman, Ghuleh/Zombie Queen, Monstrance Clock, If You Have Ghosts
      –Iron Maiden: The Clansman, Sign of the Cross
      –Kamelot: Somewhere in Time, March of Mephisto, EdenEcho, Karma, Insomnia, One More Flag in the Ground
      –Metallica: Devil’s Dance, Bad Seed, Ain’t My Bitch, the rest of ’72 Seasons’ album
      –Rammstein: Zeit, Zick Zack, Rammlied, Zeig Dich, Benzin,

      Thank you to all the creators for making the custom songs! You guys are amazing!

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