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      I hope my topic doesn’t go against rules because, I have so many artist I want into RB library and I think it is not good I I flod the forum with as dozen of topic/artist, so I prefere post all in one.
      I know you have a big pipe and you won’t do all my wishes but If some of them become reallity, it is great.
      So :

      Adele :
      Rolling in the deep (done)
      – Rumour has it
      – Set fire to the rain
      Someone like you (done)

      Amy winehouse :
      You know I’m no good (done)
      Back to black (done)

      Anastacia :
      – Not that kind
      – I’m outta love
      – any of her self tittled album

      Arctic monkeys :
      Crying lightning done)
      – My propeller
      – Cornerstone

      Avril Lavigne
      Complicated (done)
      I’m with you (done)
      – Losing grip
      – Any of the “Under my skin” album

      Ben Harper :
      – When it’s good
      – With my own two hands
      – Diamonds on the inside

      Black Sabbath :
      Iron man (done)
      Black sabbath (done)
      – Planet caravan
      Changes (done)
      Sabbath bloody sabbath (done)
      – God is dead
      – Any other from the last album : 13

      Bruno Mars : Locked out of heaven (done)

      Corinne Baley Rae :
      – Like a star
      Put your records on (done)

      Counting Crows : Mr. Jones (done)

      David Bowie :
      The man who sold the world (done)
      Change (done)
      Life on Mars (done)
      Starman (done)
      Rebel rebel (done)
      – Heroes
      China girl (done)
      – Any other songs

      Deep purple :
      – Hush
      – Speed king
      – Black night
      – Demon’s eye
      Lazy (done)
      – Perfect stranger
      – Haunted
      – Any other from Purpplendicular and Bananas


      Dido :
      – White flag
      – Here with me
      – Thank you

      Dire straits :
      Sultan of swing (done)
      Money for nothing (done)
      – You and your friends

      Duffy :
      – Mercy
      Warwick Avenue (done)

      Eels : Novocaine for the soul (done)

      Eric Clapton :
      Crossroad (done)
      Sunshine of your love (done)
      Layla (done) (accoustic version is better)
      Tears in heaven (done)

      Garbage :
      – Supervixen
      – Queer
      Stupid girl (done)
      – Push it

      Genesis (done)
      The knife (done)
      – Any from the Peter gabriel era (done)

      Hoobastank : The reason (done)

      Ike & Tina Turner : Proud Mary

      Imagine Dragon :
      It’s time (done)
      – On top of the world

      Iron Maiden :
      – No more lies
      – Paschendale
      – Journeyman

      Jamiroquai :
      – Too young to die
      – Space cowboy
      – Virtual insanity
      – Cosmic girl
      – You give me something

      Janis Joplin : Mercedes benz

      Jeff Buckley : Not so fan of Hallelujah but other songs from Grace are awesome :
      – Mojo pine
      Grace (done)
      – Lilac wine

      Joe Satriani :
      Crushing day (done)
      Summer song (done)

      Joe Cocker :
      – Unchain my heart
      You can leave your hat on (done)
      – Night calls

      K’s choice :
      – Not an addict
      – Everything for free

      Katie Melua :
      – Nine million bicycles
      – Spider’s web
      – The flood
      – God on the drums, Devil on the bass

      Lana Del Rey : Video game

      Lenny Kravitz :
      – I belong to you
      – Black and white America

      Lou Reed :
      Walk on the wild side (done)
      Perfect day (done)

      Macy Gray :
      I try (done)
      – Sexual revolution
      – Sweet baby

      Madonna : Any well known songs

      Mariah Carey : same as Madonna

      Maroon 5 :
      – Tangled
      She will be loved (done)

      Massive Attack :
      Teardrop (done)

      Michael Jackson : Any

      Michelle Branch : Any

      Mika :
      Grace Kelly (done)
      Love today (done)
      – Relax take it easy

      Morcheeba :
      – Rome wasn’t built in a day
      – Otherwise
      – Wonders never cease
      – Enjoy the ride
      – Any other

      Muse : Any but especially :
      Sunburn (done)
      – Feeling good
      Time is running out (done)
      Uprising (done)
      – I belong to you
      Panic station (done)
      Survival (done)
      – Big freeze

      Natalie Imbruglia : Torn (done)

      Nelly Furtado : I’m like a bird

      Nightwish : Any but especially :
      Wishmaster (done)
      – Storytime

      Nikka Costa
      – Everybody got their something
      – Till I get to you
      – On and on

      Norah Jones :
      Don’t know why (done)
      – Come away with me
      – Any other songs

      Oasis :
      – Wathever
      – She’s electric
      Don’t go away (done (not as C3))
      – All around the world
      – Rockin’ chair
      – I’m outta time

      Phoenix : Entertainment (done)

      P!nk :
      Just like a pill (done)
      – Family portrait
      – Stupid girls
      – I’m not dead
      – U & Ur hand
      – Blow me (one last kiss)

      Pink Floyd : Any but especially :
      Money (done)
      – In the flesh ?
      Another brick in the wall (part II) (done)
      Hey you (done)
      Comfortably numb (done)
      – High hopes

      Pixies : Where is my mind (done)

      Placebo :
      – Special K
      – This picture

      Portishead : Glory box (done)

      Prince :
      Purple rain (done)
      Kiss (done)
      – The most beautiful girl in the world
      – Hot summer

      Radiohead : All songs from OK Computer (done) but especially :
      Paranoid android (done)
      Karma police (done)
      No surprises (done)

      REM :
      Shiny happy people (done)
      Everybody hurts (done)
      – Imitation of life
      Supernatural superserious (done)

      Robbie Williams :
      Angels (done)
      – Supreme
      – Feel

      Rush : Any but especially :
      Bastille day (done)
      The twilight zone (done)
      La Villa Strangiato (done)
      Jacob’s ladder (done)

      Sade : Smooth operator (done)

      Sandi Thom : I wish I was a punk rocker

      Santana :
      – Soul sacrifice
      Oye como va (done)
      – Samba pa ti
      – Maria Maria
      – Foo foo

      Scorpions :
      – In trance

      No one like you (RB4)
      Rock you like a hurricane (done)
      Still loving you (done)
      Wind of change (done)
      Send me an angel (done)
      – My city my town
      – Any other song

      – Objection (tango)
      Underneath your clothes (done)
      – Sale el sol
      – Waka waka (this time for Africa)
      – Any other song

      Sheryl Crow :
      – A change
      – If it makes you happy
      – Everyday is a winding road
      – My favourite mistake
      Soak up the sun (done)
      – Diamond road
      – Any songs from the “Wildflower” album

      Shivaree : Goodnight moon (done)

      Sonata Arctica : Any song

      Sophie Ellis Bextor : Murder on the dance floor

      Slash : Beautiful dangerous

      Stratovarius : Any song

      Supergrass : Richard III

      Symphony X : Any song

      System Of A Down :
      Lonely day (done)
      – Atwa

      Tears for fears : Sowing (The seed of love) (done)

      Terence Trent D’Arby : Sign your name

      Texas :
      – I don’t want a lover
      – Say what you want
      – Summer son
      – Black eyed boy

      The Beach Boys :
      Wouldn’t it be nice (done)
      Barbara Ann (done)
      – Good vibrations (studio version)
      I get around (done)

      The Cardigans :
      My favourite game (done)
      Lovefool (done)
      – Any other song, especially from “Long gone before daylight” and “Super extra gravity”

      The Corrs : Any song

      The Cranberries Any but especialy :
      Zombie (done)
      Ode to my family (RB4)
      – No need to argue (easy to chart : just long notes at keyboard and somes harmonies)
      – Hollywood
      – Electric blue
      – Wake up and smell the cofee

      The Cure :
      Boys don’t cry (done)
      Close to me (done)

      The Darkness : Love on the rocks with no ice

      The doors :
      – Alabama song
      – The end

      The Red Hot Chili Peppers :
      My friend (done)
      Aeroplane (done)
      – Pea
      – One big mob
      – Walkabout
      – Shallow be thy game
      – The zephyr song
      Can’t stop (done)
      – Cabron
      – Fortune faded
      – Charlie

      The Rolling Stones :
      Street fighting man (done)
      Jumpin Jack flash (done)
      You can’t always get what you want (done)
      – Under my thumb
      Sympathy for the devil (done)
      Ruby tuesday (done)
      Honky tonk woman (done)
      Start me up (done)
      Miss you (done)
      Beast of burden (done)
      – Don’t stop
      Angie (done)
      Shattered (done)

      The Servant : Orchestra

      The Velvet Underground : Sunday morning (done)

      The Verve :
      Bitter sweet symphony (done)
      – The drugs don’t work

      The Who :
      – Any missing song from “Who’s next”

      Them crooked vultures : Any song

      Titiyo :
      – Come along
      – 1989

      Tom Jones :
      – It’s not unusual
      – She’s a lady
      – Burning down the house
      – Sex bomb

      Travis : Sing

      UB40 :
      – Kingston Town
      – Red red wine

      Vanessa Carlton :
      A thousand miles (done)
      – Ordinary day

      Velvet Revolver : Slither

      Whitney Houston : I will always love you (done)

      Within temptation : Any song

      Yes : Any song

      Thank you for reading


      edit (december 4th 2017) :

      110/259 done (42%)


      Some of these are available already somewhere. I already have Rolling in the Deep, Sultans of Swing, and I think I recall She Will Be Loved is available as well. There’s more than those I’ve listed that are available as well that are one that list.

        I know you have a big pipe and you won’t do all my wishes but If some of them become reality, it is great.

        A vanishingly small number of requests become releases. Your best bet is to learn to chart the songs you love. We can help smooth out any bumps in the road.


          There’s a lot in the pipeline for those artists, but I don’t know, you could have simply said “Great artists:“. <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_biggrin.gif”>


          Dat list, a lot of stuff I agree with too (you can never have too much Nightwish)


          Though because I am a gigantic nerd, I would like to point out that Jeff Buckley did not write Hallelujah, that was Leonard Cohen (a artist we need songs from IMO) and Jeff simply made a cover version that got famous


            I know that Hallelujah is a Léonard Cohen song. I just a precision that if a J. Buckley is done, I prefere an other song. I made this precision, because it is the only song sung by J. Buckley which is known.


            +1 for Avril Levigne, I’m amazed that Rock Band hasn’t released any officially


            Add a couple more Scorpions songs:

            Rhythm of Love

            Passion Rules the Game


            +1 to Eric Clapton

            +1 to Avril Lavigne

            +4 for Bruno Mars : Locked out of heaven (my wife will love me even more if I can get this)

            +1 for Pink Floyd

            +1 for P!nk

            +1 for Prince


            I’ve actually been considering a few of these to chart. Not getting your hopes up though on which I’ll chart, but some of these artists, I consider myself to be a big fan ogf. <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_wink.gif” />


            I have an old FoF custom I made of Beautiful Dangerous a couple years ago. Maybe if I get better at the charting I can make an FtV version of that. Or if anyone wants to do that for me, that is acceptable as well.


              Sooner or later I plan on getting to something from Avril’s earlier work. And at least one of those Sabbath songs (the one from their BEST album. There’s my hint.)

              And at least one of those Sabbath songs (the one from their BEST album. There’s my hint.)


              Mob Rules confirmed!


              but seriously looking forward to that, no matter what Sabbath song it is


              I’m a total noob to this custom stuff and I have some reading to do about it, but I registered just to say that I LOVE your list. I don’t agree with everything but not gonna lie, the majority of it makes me salivate.


              Macy Gray, Morcheeba (I’d add “The Sea”! <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_cheeky.001.gif” /> ), Oasis, Prince, The Cranberries, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Stones, Vanessa Carlton, The Cure, Dido, Radiohead, P!nk, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Garbage, Adele and especially Nikka Costa, K’s Choice, The Cardigans, Bruno Mars are all great picks!


                i’m working on a few of these but.. i have no idea if others are working on the same ones :/ but o would love to see most of these also


                  I did a ‘quick-look’, mind you. I recognized some artists but only one song that I would love to play. It being “Iron Man” song.

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