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      Alright, I’m going to throw this out here.


      The final tally (subject to corrections) of pre-RB3, non-RBN songs needing harmony upgrades is a whopping 1,101. At this time there are currently 281 upgrades released. At the current release rate (10 songs every 3 weeks), we’re looking at five years and nine months of steady releases for the project to be “finished” (excluding RBN 1.0 and things like keys/pro upgrades/variants/fixes).


      I intend to see this through to the end, but I wanted to extend an invitation for you to chart harmony upgrades for this project, RBN or otherwise (I’ve been doing 10 disc/DLC songs and 2 RBN songs a release lately, so even doing RBN songs allows me to get a faster turnaround on the remaining DLC tracks). I’d like to ramp the pace up somewhat, and even doing 15 songs every 3 weeks (or 10 every two) gets this timeline to total completion down to a little over three years. I expect we’ll be able to expedite this a little further if I get ahead of schedule or we get a bunch of softball copy-paste-and-change-pitch upgrades, but I digress.


      The reason I am pitching this here as a collaborative opportunity is because I feel authoring harmony upgrades for existing songs would be a good opportunity for authors to practice vocal and harmony authoring, giving you a leg up when authoring and testing customs (yours or those of others). They’re (relatively) simple to do, but they’ll give you exposure to authoring harmony parts (and perhaps some practice in identifying pitches buried in a mix as you get used to how artists tend to harmonize) and some of the nuances/tricks relating to vocal authoring. You’re working with an existing chart as a base, so you’ll get a better idea for note timing and be able to practice proper pitch recognition as well. You’ll also get guaranteed feedback on the vocal work you’re doing since I go through every submission received to review, test, and record.


      I won’t deny there’s also a totally self-serving motive in there, but the reason I decided to pitch it here was because I figured it would be a good, productive avenue for working on vocal authoring. It’s also a good way to get me working on the stuff you’d rather see upgraded than whatever the hell I roll dice and select in any given release. <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_smile.gif”>


      If you are interested, drop me a note, and we can work out the details. I have a very ghetto spreadsheet in play to track what’s claimed, being worked on, and upcoming from contributors to the project — you can find it at — if you want to give it a peek. You can work on as little or as much as you like, and are under no obligation to fill the schedule or meet a quota — you can just submit things “when they’re done”, but at least let me know you’re working on them so we don’t double up on work.

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