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    I don’t know if you guys have any plans for more Aerosmith songs from the Guitar Hero Aerosmith Catalog or any in general, but they would be most appreciated. <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_biggrin.gif” />


    Any of the songs from Guitar Hero Aerosmith and some non in game ones like:


    Janie’s Got a Gun


    I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing


    Just to give out some ideas <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_wink.gif” />


    Here ya go. … /Cryin.rar


    There’s also the GH (and re-record) version of Dream On! … reamOn.rar


      Things are in motion for Aerosmith.


        That is great to hear!

        Things are in motion for Aerosmith.


        YES!!! Awesome News, I Can’t wait!!! :dance:


        What about these songs?


        Make It, 1973

        Movin’ Out, 1973

        Mama Kin, 1973

        Same Old Song and Dance, 1974

        Pandora’s Box, 1974

        Lord of the Thighs, 1974

        S.O.S. (Too Bad), 1974

        Toys in the Attic, 1975

        Last Child, 1976

        Rats in the Cellar, 1976

        Nobody’s Fault, 1976

        Kings and Queens, 1977

        Draw the Line, 1977

        No Suprize, 1979

        Let the Music Do the Talking, 1985

        Shela, 1985

        Dude (Looks Like a Lady), 1987

        Angel, 1987

        Rag Doll, 1987

        Pump (Full Album), 1989

        Young Lust, 1989

        F.I.N.E., 1989

        Love in an Elevator, 1989

        Monkey on My Back, 1989

        Janie’s Got a Gun, 1989

        The Other Side, 1989

        My Girl, 1989

        Don’t Get Mad, Get Even, 1989

        Hoodoo/Voodoo Medicine Man, 1989

        What It Takes, 1989

        Livin’ on the Edge, 1993

        Eat the Rich, 1993

        Crazy, 1993

        Amazing, 1993

        Blind Man, 1994

        Nine Lives, 1997

        Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees), 1997

        Hole in My Soul, 1997

        Pink, 1997

        I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, 1998

        Jaded, 2001

        Just Push Play, 2001

        Baby, Please Don’t Go, 2004

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