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    So a few weeks ago I had uploaded some new customs to my usb drive and when I started up rock band I got an error saying there was no save file so I just restarted my xbox and it was fine. But now every time my game loads up, it does the “searching for downloadable content” thing(which is like 460?”) Then after that it does the “Finding New Songs” 1/194 and loads that. But I don’t always have “new songs” and it still does that. Today I noticed that some of my purchased dlc was missing from my game and all my older RBN purchases were just demos now. The only songs I’ve noticed missing so far are 1901 and Listomania by Phoenix but I’m pretty sure there are more missing because my song list seems much shorter. Any help on how to fix this?


      Did you change Xboxes after buying the downloadable content?


      You probably need to do a licence transfer!


      Microsoft’s Xbox 360 DRM policy states that digital content can be used by:


      a) Anyone on the Xbox 360 upon which it was originally purchased; or,

      :cool: The original purchaser, on any Xbox 360, provided they are signed into Xbox Live.


      If you are playing on a different Xbox and are playing offline (required for TU4), you will not have access to your content.

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      I did switch xbox’s a while ago and did a license transfer. So if I go back to TU5 and sign on the songs will be there?

        I did switch xbox’s a while ago and did a license transfer. So if I go back to TU5 and sign on the songs will be there?


        Actually you should see the songs, you just shouldn’t be able to play them. Anyway, no, going back to TU5 is not enough, you would need to be online with the account you bought the songs with.


          It may be different now, In September 2008 I switched to the Jasper model. When I did I had to do a license transfer and also re-download everything for my Halo maps to work off line. With the console online and the dashboard open. Go onto with a computer, then my account/download history,”Que to Xbox” to all the items was easier then going through the market place again. With that no need to start RB3 therefore it will not download TU5.


            Yeah, you have to requeue all the downloads on the new box. It only updates the licence keys or w/e, so individual downloads are fast, but you do have to do it for every piece of DRM-enabled content.


            The thing is, on my NEW xbox I had all of my songs until I started playing customs and got that “saved game error” I got my new xbox about a year ago and have only been playing customs for 2 months now. Sorry about the confusion. If any


            I am having the same issue, licenses had been transferred previously before customs. Thanks to everyone for all the hard work you do with the customs scene. I am new to it, and am loving it, so please forgive me if I am sounding noobish. I own a lot of DLC that I believe was working at first even with customs, and now somehow it is not. I don’t remember getting a message about my game save being off. I did have to recalibrate once. Any help on this subject will be very much appreciated and respected. Thank you.

          Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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