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      This board is intended to be a discussion forum for songs and other related content being put forth by C3 authors (that is to say, authors who are committed to the project on the level of making regular, ostensibly scheduled releases, and/or putting together other content such as posts, tools, and tutorials).


      Unless otherwise stated, any information available on this board should not be disclosed outside of it. We want to keep a “veil of secrecy” over upcoming releases and content, and any leaks or spoilers will be damaging to potential interest/hype in the project.


      Unless you have approval from a project administrator, the only information that should be disclosed elsewhere on PRIVATE BOARDS, and only if essential, is the following:


      * Advising a user on the Contributed Songs Discussion board that a song they want to chart has already been authored/is being authored/has been earmarked by someone on this board (see about collaboration if possible, though, as we don’t want to drive contributors away).

      * Advising a user on the Contributed Songs Discussion board as to when we have penciled their release into our schedule, optionally with details that may be nice-to-know (e.g. “we have penciled your Led Zeppelin custom in for the week of April 26th, as we are releasing other tracks by that artist on that week”).


      Please create a thread for each song or pack you are actively working on, and use this thread to keep us updated on the progress, request assistance with the song, or otherwise discuss related feedback. We will create a new playtesting thread when you feel the song is ready for playtesting by our group of playtesters, who we are also asking to keep things “hush hush”. You may also create a thread to discuss the things you would like to chart in broader brushstrokes (something we’ll likely sticky), and we’ll try to update the schedule thread (when we make it) to serve as a master reference of sorts.


      If you have any authoring questions that are not specific to your releases, such as broader how-to questions, please post them in the “Authoring Tools, Support, & Advice” board, as we would like to work on building that into a useful community resource.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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