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    So, I made some songs for GHtoRB3, and I really want to bring them up to C3 standards, and re-release them.

    The tracks I’d be re-releasing would all have reconfiggled audio, charting patches, new venues, and maybe even pro guitar.

    The main reason for this would be that converts don’t get as much attention as standard tracks, and you know I put a lot of effort into them and want them to be played by as many people as possible.


    I noticed a few other tracks (notably someone told me by the killers, which I actually charted the drums for) being re-released during the normal weekly schedule, but I wanted to get the opinions of the authors here in case anyone had any strong opinions either way.


    The songs I’d like to re-release:


    Janes Addiction – Stop

    Alice In Chains – Them Bones

    Iggy Pop and The Stooges – Search and Destroy


    Could do a gh2 pack!


    The Pixies – The Sad Punk

    Queens of the stone age – Avon


    And many others that I didn’t originally convert.


    Is there any specified “right” way to go about doing this? Or should I just treat converts like any other customs?


      The GHtoRB3 stuff being re-released was, iirc, custom and not converts. The majority of the back catalogue was pushed in as one update. If we’re looking to update/fix/whatever any of these, I’d wager it would just be handled as a bug-fix release, unless it’s a song not currently in our database or there are significant changes… at which point we’d probably have to know what it is and see if we’re doing it as new or a FtV or what.


      All the tracks I had released had been completely recharted, and probably will be again , and this time around I would be remastering the audio, potentially adding pro guitar, and making new venues etc.


        If the changes are significant enough, I’d be down to list them as FtV releases, but yeah, it wouldn’t actually be adding to the number of songs in the database…


        As much as I love to see improvements to GHtoRB3 songs, especially the audio (god, some of the GH mixes are SO BAD), this sounds like it’d be strictly a GHtoRB3 project, and we would just mention it in the blog post rather than give it a bold-face FtV label.


        That’s reasonable. I think either releasing a few converted tracks in a pack, or including converts and new tracks in a pack might be the way to go.


        I don’t know how bad the tracks you’re recharting are, but all of the GHtoRB3 songs I downloaded have at a bare minimum poor drum animations. There are also no 2x Bass pedal versions. All in all, I would contribute a chart or two if anyone wants to do a mass GHtoRB3 conversion movement, and I find the time.


          You do realize GHtoRB3 has been going for nearly two years now? You’ve been able to contribute all this time and can offer to help them. Their project is ongoing. There does not need to be a GHtoRB3 conversion. If you think some of their tracks need help offer your help.




          I was making songs for them 2 years ago. The tracks I want to re-release are the ones I originally worked on.


          The Iggy Pop and the Stooges track could be re-released as it is pretty much a custom track. The stems were found on the smash hits disc with no mid/chart file.

        Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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