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      Are inserting training sections for the pro guitar and pro bass nothing more than adding Practice Sections … e_Sections

      to the text event on its respective pro track? Because I imagine it would be numbered with an into, start, end for each section.


        Sorry I should of done more searching before posting


        Here is the text events that get enter


        [begin_pg song_trainer_pg_1]
        [pg_norm song_trainer_pg_1]
        [end_pg song_trainer_pg_1]


          What I don’t know is what the norm event is for.


          Checking a DLC package for pro upgrades, there does not appear to be anything other than the trainer sections you’ve listed. No other info in the DTA except for tuning.


            Copied from the Editor on Fire manual


            The basic instructions for marking a trainer section are to place a beginning trainer marker on the beat marker at or before the start of the notes you want to be in the trainer section and place an ending trainer marker on the beat marker that is immediately after the notes you want to be in the trainer section. It is important that the ending marker be after the notes (and their tails) that you want included, any notes ending on or extending over the beat containing the ending trainer marker are not displayed for the trainer section in Rock Band 3. Optionally, you can place a “norm” trainer marker on a beat between the starting and ending markers in order to cause Rock Band 3 to loop the trainer seamlessly instead of playing it from beginning to end and then stopping for a couple of seconds before playing the trainer again from the beginning.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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