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      So… Today, I’ve finally found a “double cymbal pack” for Rock Band 2 drum kit at GameStop. Brand new and bought it for like 8 dollars… These are my first two pro drum pieces and gotta say, makes drumming much harder and more fun to play on Rock Band 3.


      Note: I used the two cymbals for Yellow and Green cymbals as I assumed they are the major ones.


      And I’m curious, who else plays Pro Drums and how many pieces, if not all?


        I thought most of us were on at least pro drums. A large group of us don’t even use game drums but use e-kits. I use a Roland HD1 which has both pedals and 3 cymbals.


          I have a wireless drum kit with all three cymbals, and two pedals.


          I don’t think there’s anything else you can do to the kit without modding.


          By the time I bother getting e-drums, it’ll be too late to worry about a MIDI pro adapter already. <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_cheeky.001.gif” />


          I use an ion drum rocker. I used to play pro until my cymbals stopped working. I don’t have money for new ones so that’s where I’m at.

          I use an ion drum rocker. I used to play pro until my cymbals stopped working. I don’t have money for new ones so that’s where I’m at.


          Pretty much the same here, though my cymbals work still, they just overhit/underhit like crazy so I only use the Green one which works fairly well as long as I adjust it correctly.


          I, too, only have two cymbals set up (yellow & green) on a RB2 drum kit, but I play drums too rarely to bother investing in the RB3 ones. They work fine for me, though a crescent-shaped piece came off the back of the green one during a rock band night last month.


            I’ve been using a Ymaha DTXIII since the first Rock Band



              I used to own a drum rocker since RB2 came out but then upgraded to an Alesis DM10 with Surge cymbals and Axis double kick pedal when RB3 came out. Replaced the stock Alesis snare pad with a Roland. I use two yellow cymbals depending if its a hi hat or crash note.



              Uploaded with


              I am extremely jelly at your set Sideshow, how much did that cost and do the cymbals work well in game? (like, no overhitting and such)


                All together probably around 1500 to 2000 dollars. The cymbals work good although they are probably some of the loudest E-cymbals in the market. Even the mylar pads are loud but I can put up with that because they are very durable and I havnt had to replace any pads yet after using them for 2 years or so. I’ve had to replace a few triggers on the bottom of the cymbals(particularly the hi hat cymbal) just from using them so much they have malfunctioned. Overall I’m happy with the kit but the cross talk between pads and cymbals took many hours to fine tune. If you have the patience to program the cross talk away then its rewarding otherwise the Ion kit is pretty damn good for the money. I wanna try the Pintech visualite cymbals as I have heard good criticism about them.


                  Hm. Interesting. Didn’t knew you can use such drum stuff for the game, lol. But I’m not much of a musician, I play the game for fun and such so I’ll stick to the game’s controllers and such.


                    Next bonus time, I am all over the Zildjian Gen16 cymbals.


                      I have an ION kit with aftermarket e-cymbals and a Rock Pedal. I don’t have enough rig pieces to get a yellow cymbal where I want it for cross-handed hi-hat, so I turn off the yellow cymbal and just play open-handed.


                      I haven’t played my kit in ages, though, since we’re in a fairly small living space at the moment. <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_frown.gif”>


                      I have the drum kit from The Beatles Rock Band limited edition pack and bought the 3 pro-cymbals pack as well. I’m still planning to buy a second pedal though but I also plan to buy the Madcatz pro-guitar, don’t know which one I’ll get first. In Europe, you can’t imagine how fu*king expensive and rare are Fender Squier Pro-controllers. :/

                      Sid Kafizz

                        I use a custom kit, too. Mine’s mostly Roland gear, with a custom A to E Tama snare and the odd Pintech & Yamaha trigger thrown in here & there just to keep people guessing. The brain is a Roland TD-9 (first generation), and what SideshowN said about the tuning is spot on – it takes some time to iron out the wrinkles! Once you’ve got it dialed-in, though…


                        I have both left and right crashes, and an auxiliary high hat that’s mostly used for Rock Band.


                        The entire kit is so much better that the guy using it that it’s almost embarrassing.

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