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    Hey guys.


    I’m curious if anyone has any experience in Phase Shift.

    I have rockband, It’s great and all.. but it requires me to mess with my half broken 360 every time I want to play songs.

    Since I’m not really interested in singing, and if I want to, I can just hook up the 360 anyway.. What would it take to convert these songs to work in Phase Shift? Anyone have any idea?


    Or maybe can just point me in the right direction?


    I have no problem getting my hands dirty. I understand the ins and outs of reaper. I’ve used programs like Audacity extensively for multiple different projects. I’m honestly clueless on Magma, but I can learn. I’m certainly no charter, I have no ear for it. But converting is something I am interested in.


    Who has some information? <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_biggrin.gif” />


      We are working on it. In the meantime, somebody will hopefully be with you soon to tell how to do it yourself. <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_wink.gif”>


      1. Open the files(they are CON formatted xbox saved game files for rb3) with Le Fluffie


      2. Extract the midi file & the mogg file to a folder of your choice


      3. rename the midi to notes.mid(or just save it as notes.mid to where you extracted it to)


      4. Open the mogg file in Audacity, it will most likely be abunch of silent channels followed by a stereo pair…or something(i’ve never DLed these before)… just delete

      all the silent tracks & “make stereo pair” for the proper channels remaining, export that as a guitar.ogg. Some songs however will require you to extract all the channels & label them properly for PS to recognize them.


      RB Method Drums:

      drums_1.ogg – Kick Drum

      drums_2.ogg – Snare Drum

      drums_3.ogg – Toms and Cymbals

      (also support for drums_1.ogg*kick* & drums_2.ogg*else drums*, as they are in some RB songs)


      Split Audio Standard:

      drums.ogg – Full Drum Mix

      rhythm.ogg – Bass Guitar / Rhythm Guitar

      guitar.ogg – Guitar / Coop Guitar

      keys.ogg – Keys

      vocals.ogg – Normal Vocal Mix

      song.ogg – All Other Song Audio

      crowd.ogg – Crowd Audio



      5. create a song.ini with some basic information.


      artist = artist name
      name = song name


      6. test in PS


      7. If it loads & everything works good, just polish up the rest, album.png & other info if you want.


      List of tags supported by PS *but not limited to*

      (you can check the songs.ini info while in game)

      Song Difficulty tags

      diff_drums = Drums Difficulty *use digits 0-6*
      diff_drums_real = Real Drums Difficulty *use digits 0-6*
      diff_drums_real_ps = Phase Shift's version of Real Drums(sysex events and other stuff I don't understand)
      diff_bass = Bass Difficulty *use digits 0-6*
      diff_bass_real = Real Bass Difficulty *use digits 0-6*
      diff_bass_real_22 = Same as above
      diff_guitar = Guitar Difficulty *use digits 0-6*
      diff_guitar_real = Real Guitar Difficulty *use digits 0-6*
      diff_guitar_real_22 = Same as above
      diff_keys = Normal Keys Difficulty *use digits 0-6*
      diff_keys_real = Keys Difficulty *use digits 0-6*
      diff_keys_real_ps = Phase Shift's version of Real Keys(similar to RB3 real keys, but with two highways*impressive*)
      diff_dance = Dance Difficulty *use digits 0-6*
      diff_vocals = Not currently supported(you can still add the digit however)
      diff_vocals_harm - Not currently supported(you can still add the digit however)

      Song Information tags

      Artist = Song artist
      Album = Song Album
      Genre = Song Genre
      Name = Song Title
      Year = Year of Song / Album
      loading_phrase = Information / Notes about the song
      charter = Person*or people* who charted the song


      8. Have fun!




        Linking to the original Le Fluffie, eh?


        Might want to poke around here js. <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_wink.gif”>


          Not anymore he’s not. Really bluzer? I’m half offended, half worried you’re still really using that old thing.


          lol, sorry man. xD


          It was an old post I just copy/pasta over from farottone’s old rush thread…with some quick edits to fill some extra junk.


          <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_biggrin.gif” />


          Ha, Well thanks for the easy to follow instructions. No worries, I have the new LeFluffie


          So that worked out smashingly.



          New question for you guys, Is the process the same or similar for RBN songs?

          I feel like there is some sort of encryption on the song files. What can you tell me about this?



          For anyone who wants it, Here is my first converted song.

          Zero Punctuation Theme (2x Bass)


          As I do more, I’ll probably make a thread and keep them there.


          Another question, Is does anyone have a good C3 album that I can use for my C3 Conversions folder in Phase Shift?


            I feel like there is some sort of encryption on the song files.

            Correct. All RBN and official DLC songs have the audio encrypted. So did the GH songs but that encryption was cracked.


            What can you tell me about this?

            On here? Nothing. Discussion of this is not allowed. We are not in the business of pirating or enabling pirating of content from HMX.


            Okay, no problem. I’ll keep those less legal questions for those less legal places.


              I get this error in Magma when building. What I’m doing is trying to convert Echoes phaseshift drum chart to a RB3 custom. What I dont understand is that I only have one drum track using the C3 template. How do I fix this in Reaper?



              Uploaded with


                I’ve seen this happen to others. When you use our template, you have to delete the existing drums track if you’re going to import an existing one. it’s there for you to use to chart from scratch. But from what happened with the other person who came across this issue, they had open the template, left all the blank tracks, then imported the midi into reaper, so now you have your midi tracks + the blank tracks underneath. Make sure you’re not doing that.


                  Thanks for the help trojannemo, I do understand what your saying. The problem is now I get a ton of errors in the expert drum chart. It seems I’m better off just charting the damn song from scratch unless I’m doing something wrong which is most likely.



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