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    Long-time lurker.

    I knew PKsage through the Something Awful forums, and when C3 started up I sent him an email to see if the team could use any of my customs. Then I got kinda hooked.


    I’m a singer, luthier, professional cosplayer, and a freelance audio engineer with 8 years experience with Adobe Audition. That last part will come into play later.


    Stuff I like in RB: Pop, Oldies, 60’s and 70’s rock and dance songs. The idea is mostly to bring in songs that would never have been released officially due to impossible licensing and/or long lost master tapes.

    Also Beatles, lots and LOTS of Beatles.


    99% of my songs have isolated multitrack stems. I create them myself using some of the same processes Harmonix had done for The Beatles: Rock Band tracks. If a custom has been authored by me, chances are it has real working stems, even if it’s from the 1950s. I’m in touch with some HMX staff (former HMX staff after the layoff-pocalypse) and they sometimes have a hand in what I do, offering insight to the RB3 engine and sharing other undocumented/private information that would help an author. I can’t name names for contract reasons, but they are are totally cool bros you can sit down and play Hydro Thunder with and they even bought me a PAX pass one year and if they lurk here and are reading this thanks so much guys you made this possible. <3

    Edit: (Oh wait these are private forums, man I’m dumb.)


    This is the only time I will ever whore out my blog on these forums. It used to be the domain for my customs before C3, but it still holds relevance as a place where I muse about the authoring process and my sound work. And occasionally post something stupid.


    Current Project(s):

    • “Weird Al” Yankovic – “Trigger Happy”


    Things I am definitely making because I have multitracks and/or people won’t stop requesting them from me:

    • The Beatles – Hey Jude
    • The Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever
    • The Beatles – All Together Now
    • Gary Lewis & The Playboys
    • The Beatles w/ multitracks
    • Solo George Harrison
    • Solo Ringo Starr
    • More Beatles w/multitracks!


    Ambitious things I have my eyes on:

    • The Ink Spots w/multitracks (Potential oldest original recording in RB?)
    • Weird Al Yankovic
    • The Mamas & The Papas w/multitracks
    • Primus
    • Devo


    Old Stuff:

    • The Beatles- “Across The Universe” [Multitrack] Pro Support Released August 23
    • The Beatles- “Long Tall Sally” [Multitrack] Released August 9
    • The Beatles- “I Call Your Name” [Multitrack] Released August 9
    • The Beatles- “For No One” [Multitrack] Pro Support Released August 9
    • The Beatles- “Rain” [Multitrack] Pro Support Released May 10
    • The Beatles- “This Boy” [Multitrack] Pro Support Released April 26
    • Santo & Johnny- “Sleep Walk” [Multitrack] Pro Support Released April 26




      Glad to have you on board. Looking forward to what you’ve got queued up. <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_smile.gif”>


      I was going to do some Weird Al, but since I’ve been working on other songs lately, I haven’t had a chance to. If you are going to do Weird Al, Let my know if you want to do a collab.


      I gotta say, a lot of the stuff you have sounds very exciting, and I respect the time and effort you put into this, especially with RB: Beatles style isolations. Looking forward to what you have to offer. <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_smile.gif” />


      Very cool! Your work so far has been fantastic and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more from you.


      I was contemplating doing “Eleanor Rigby” a while back, but if you want to be the Beatles specialist around here, I’m more than willing to concede the project to you.


      Thank You Orange Harrison, I love the Beatles, You can make me Happy with more Beatles Songs


      Thanks very much guys! It’s encouraging to read your posts.


      I was contemplating doing “Eleanor Rigby” a while back, but if you want to be the Beatles specialist around here, I’m more than willing to concede the project to you.

      If passing that on was something you were comfortable doing, I’d gladly adopt Eleanor Rigby from you and produce a version with multitracks. My schedule is still ambiguous after the EP release so it could even be the very next thing I make.


      Updated OP with “For No One” and “Across The Universe”. Also The last two tracks of the Long Tall Sally EP have probably been scrapped, meaning the end of the pack project. The two complete songs are still coming out as singles though.

      “For No One” went from “Inspiration” to “Playtesting” over the course of a single day and night’s marathon authoring session, which is why it appeared on the list already in playtesting. I got it done phenomenally fast for my normal work pace, but it looks to be fine, you can to check it out in the playtesting subforum.


      oh men! Im very excited with this project. Thank you so much :excited: I dont see Paul McCartney songs (Multitrack) Project. do you have plans to make PM Custom songs?


      My personal preference goes to Harrison + Starr at the moment because Lennon + McCartney already have several solo songs in RB. Even then, if I had to make a choice, I would probably chart additional Lennon songs (tracks from Double Fantasy definitely) first because I never got into McCartney’s solo songwriting. He has a few songs that I really like though and if nobody else ever makes them I probably will one day.

      As far as multitracks, probably not. It’s actually HARDER to isolate multitracks for songs from the 70’s onward because studio mixing techniques became more sophisticated.


      Ok, I understand.. Double Fantasy is amazing. I’ll be waiting “Woman” :ohdear:


      Updated the OP. Across the Universe is complete and waiting to drop. You’ll see there’s nothing else under “current projects”. I’m still deciding what I should go after next.


        I’d love to see Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy by Devo playable in Rock Band. It’s one of my favorites. Did you ever considered charting it? I guess there are no chances for multitrack.


        The thing with Devo is I don’t have any high-quality copies of them right now. For stem isolation, digital downloads and MP3’s don’t cut it. I need to get my hands on one of the remastered CD’s that came out in just the past year or so (They sound better than the old CDs). If someone owns the new CD’s and can offer up a WAV or FLAC rip of one of the songs, then I could see what I can do, but in the meantime, it’s just sticking to the couple artists I have lossless collections for.


        Figured out what I want to go after next. A slight change of pace….

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