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    I have been a lifetime Rockband fan, but I am just getting into customs. I have a few questions:


    How do you download customs onto your xbox?


    Are there any other big customs sites? (nothing against this one, some of the songs look very drool worthy)


    What’s the easiest way to make your own customs? I have heard ways to do it but they sound very complex.


    Besides uninstalling update 5, are there any other changes to your XBOX you have to make?


    Is there a song suggestion section of the forum? Not that I expect all my songs I request to instantly get made, but it would be nice to have C3 get a feel for what the community wants.


    Thank you! So glad I found this site, the C3 staff are truly kind people for putting out all this music.


      All of your questions are answered in other forums here, typically in sticky posts at the top of the list. Please browse the site a bit and find them. There are tutorials on using customs, community links, and tutorials on authoring.


      Okay thank you! I will have a look.

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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