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    There is a very sore lacking in the pop punk genre in Rock Band, and I think I found a way to fix it.

    I’m talking New Found Glory, Simple Plan, Bowling for Soup, and add more songs from All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, stuff like that


      Pop punk ahoy.


        1985 from Bowling for Soup would be great.


          My wife loves Bowling For Soup and was always complaining that there were no songs from them in Rock Band.


          Dear Maria, Count Me In and Damned If I Do Ya by All Time Low and The Take Over the Breaks Over by Fall Out Boy were released for GH5, idk if that would make it easier to bring them into Rock Band or not but I thought it was relevant


            I’d personally like to see that All Time Low single from the end of GH DLC. I already have the audio. That Yellowcard song from GHVH would also be welcome.


            Which one overflow? There were 3 All Time Low song for Guitar Hero, 1 of them being Weightless, which is already for Rock Band


              No, I’m getting them confused again, I think.


              There’s Dear Maria, Count me In and Damned If I do Ya (Damned If I Don’t) by All Time Low for GH DLC


              Another cool band that would fit in well with Rock Band 3 is Something Corporate, they use a lot of keyboards so it’s be cool to see “I Woke Up in a Car” on Rock Band


              Lights and Sounds by Yellowcard would have been pretty awesome, Burnout Revenge nostalgia and all that jazz as well as awesome drumming


              +1 for New Found Glory, Fall Out Boy, and All Time Low


                OOO OOO I would love to see The Takeover by Yellowcard, ive been looking for that for ages


                +1 for fall out boy and specifically i would like fighting by yellowcard


                somebody already did a custom of 1985 on this forums.

              Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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