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    I’ve always wanted more Modest Mouse.. I even made customs for a handful of their songs but lost them I believe. I just don’t have the time to do customs anymore on my own and honestly you guys offer a higher quality product that I can.


    Maybe some day I will get back into putting hours into custom design, because my main goal for my song collection is to have at least a few albums of theirs (I’m not asking you make all that haha).


    As it stands, Modest Mouse is one of the most popular “indie” bands and were one of the main groups to pioneer indie music into the spotlight. They’re a popular and well deserving band, so the lack of customs doesn’t make sense to me. They had Float On on disc, but still it never picked up custom-wise.


    All I’ve ever been able to find floating around is a shitty version of Dashboard, which wasn’t synced and the charts were horrid. There’s customs for 3rd Planet, Life Like Weeds, Shit Luck, and Grey Ice Water floating around, but I made all those.


    so yeah, could you all consider putting out some Modest Mouse stuff? I’d prefer some of their older songs over the more newer songs, but it all works. thanks.

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