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    Very technical, varied drums. Some of the most unique and skillful guitar in modern music. Passionate singer and totally batshit lyrics. Bass and keys would be no slouch, either. Just jump to any point in this video; and you’ll see why Volta in RB is my dream. Thanks for all you guys do!


    Yes!!! I couldn’t agree with you more! I’ve wanted this album: in Rock Band since Rock Band was first announced!


      There’s an FoF Pro Drums Mars Volta discography project going on. Personally I wouldn’t have time to follow that, but it’s a start for people who want to pitch in.


      Sorry, but what’s FoF? I’m unfamiliar. Whatever it is, I’m stoked a Volta discography anything is in the works!

        Sorry, but what’s FoF? I’m unfamiliar.


        Frets on Fire.


        Ah, thanks for the reply. At first glance, that is less exciting. I may check out FoF, but I’ll definitely keep praying to the rock gods for some Volta customs in RB

      Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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