Looking for someone to chart vocals!

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    So I’ve been doing full band customs for the last few weeks (Don’t worry, plenty more coming!), and what’s became really obvious is that vocals are my Achilles heel.

    It takes me forever to complete a vocal chart, it’s the only instrument I don’t really enjoy charting (which means I keep putting it off), I find it exhausting (while for other instruments I can work for a while, for vocals I quite quickly feel like I need a break), and once it’s finished, it’s the chart I’m the least confident about.


    Seriously, there’s quite a few songs right now that are ready to release, bar vocals.


    So I thought, if there’s anyone out there who’s willing to help me on the vocals, that would be amazing! And would be great.


    Which songs? well, here’s my WIP thread. You can pick pretty much any song you want from either “Full band plans” or “Drum only plans” – I’m learning to work without midis so you can really pick anything.


    Also, whichever song you pick, I would be much more motivated to do it soon, knowing I don’t have to do vocals. So it’s also an opprotunity for you – choose any song from the list, and you’ll get the full band custom in the near future. (Even if I wasn’t planning to do it soon on my own). Win-win for everyone, I think.


    Anyone interested?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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