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      Okay. I’m planning to do two songs but the I’ve tried charting the guitar and just have a terrible time… I do know 1, out of 2, of the songs don’t have stems available… I’ll need to ask about the other one though but firstly, I wish to find someone who is kind enough to do the Guitar track of these songs. That’s all I’m asking. I can do Vocals, Bass, and Harmony (If it fits the song) on my own.


      So if you think you are up for the job, then comment here or PM me.


      The songs being two different songs by PrinceWhateverer.


      September ~

      – This is the song that stems are not available for. Also, this song has the hardest guitar solo out of all three of them… So just doing this song alone would be amazing!


      Promises ~

      – I find this song to be awesome in general.


      Anyways, like I said. PM or comment… Oh and I’ll provide the music files (In September’s case, the main MP3 file with whatever extended seconds is needed).

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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