Likely a basic question (MIDI notes)

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    Ive been making songs for a little while now. Not the best at it but ive got a good grasp of what im doing.


    However, ive yet to understand how to do the sing along parts and spotlights properly.

    I’m looking at the website im assuming C3 made to help n00bs like myself chart songs,and its been very helpful.


    But it says MIDI notes 87 D#5, 86 D5, 85 C#5 for sing alongs and 41 E#1, 40 E1, 39 D#1, 38 D1, 37 C#1 for the spot lights….but when i go to the venue it just says guitarist sing along, drums sing along, ect. No numbers from what i can see, and when i try to do most of them, magma will spit out errors. (if i recall, the spotlights work, BUT it doesnt list a spotlight for keys…and keys are my favorite to play and i normally chart songs that have keys :/)

    and it seems like ive accidentally pressed something where numbers were shown on the left instead of the commands its supposed to do, but i never could do it again, not purposefully.


    The next song im making has strong background/choir vocals that having the other band mates singing is almost crucial to making the venue look most genuine. Please help and dont judge my stupidity if its something simple. :/


    The MIDI numbers are leftovers from the RBN 1.0 era and should be avoided. The docs still mention them because Harmonix never removed its documentation, they just ammended the RBN 2.0 information onto it. They wrote the guide, not C3. That’s all I can tell you though.


    Thank you for letting me know that its referring to the RBN 1.0 Era. that clears up some questions…but it still doesnt answer the main one… How does one go along making the bandmates sing a long/spotlight on keys? :confused:

      but when i go to the venue it just says guitarist sing along, drums sing along, ect.


      you answered your own question there. you draw a note for the duration of that player’s sing-along. you want to draw a long note over all the different notes on the harm2 chart (this is done on the guitarist sing-along) and over all the notes on the harm3 chart (this is done on bassist sing-along). you don’t want note-per-note, as that starts and stops the animation and actually causes problems. better practice is to draw one continuous note during every “section” of the charts, only stopping it when there’s a long enough break in either chart.

      you can also do the same to animate the drummer, you should only use this in parts where it makes sense, and whenever the drummer is animated, his lipsync comes from the harm1/lead lipsync file.


      Magma should not be throwing errors at that, so if it is you’re probably doing something wrong. Easiest way to make sure is to open the midi for any of the C3 charts that feature harmonies and see how the sing-alongs are drawn. It’s pretty easy once you see it in action.

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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