Level Of Quality On “Custom RB Songs List” tracks.

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    The “Custom RB Songs List” section of the site contains many songs that don’t show up in the main site’s database, and I’m just wondering, are these songs up to the same standards as the main site songs? (Aside from the lack of full instruments on certain songs, obviously.) If not, in what ways do their qualities vary?


      I can speak for my thread listed here :http://www.pksage.com/ccc/forums/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=452&p=3359#p3359.


      The customs here in this forum and not on the main page, are from members of the community such as myself who are not part of the C3 collective, and just do customs for fun. It doesn’t mean that any custom you find that isn’t on the main page is bad, but they do a lot of work with their customs, where some people do the bare minimum (single instruments, no venue, no overdrives) With that said, I think my customs are very quality. They most of the time have all instruments and overdrives are charted, the only thing that’s different is that I auto generate venue, and I don’t do Easy-Hard because no one in my family plays them, and I do it mainly for myself but love to share with the community so they can potentially enjoy as well.. And that there answers your question as far as what’s different. Some people do expert only such as myself. Other’s do customs with 1 or 2 intruments, or no vocals. People have been pretty good lately with letting everyone know what’s in the custom.


      I can’t speak for the admins, so they’ll correct me where I’m wrong here and possibly get whipped.


      Short answer is “not really.”


      The Custom RB Songs List gets updated from the Xbox360ISO: Custom Songs Thread. As far as I know, it’s the largest organized spreadsheet of RB customs gathered from around the interwebz (not including the GHtoRB3 project).


      That being said, while it’s a large list of customs, quality varies. There are songs in that list that will be up to par and exceed RBN standards; and there will be customs that will lack things such as a proper instrument chart, lower difficulties, other instruments, venue animation, proper tempo mapping, lip syncing, album art, testing, etc.

      I’m not saying these are “beta” versions. All the contrary, I’ll be damned if their authors didn’t put 110% effort into the songs, but some things tend to missed. Download ’em anyway ’cause hey, they made ’em with love (and Reaper).


      Now and then, though, you might see a From the Vault release, which is an “official” release of songs from the RB Customs spreadsheet, adding finishing touches or tweaking instrument charts. You’ll see a bunch of FtV releases from farottone and other authors.


        galexio more or less hit the nail on the head.


        That sheet is a compilation of all known customs which had valid post-death-of-MegaUpload links, regardless of quality. Some of those charts are high quality, full band, all-difficulty experiences — several of those will subsequently be revisited and done as FtV releases if their authors (myself included) get a chance to revisit them. Many are “lacking” in some capacity, be it quality of charting, lack of certain instruments, or lack of lower difficulties. A lot of authors on 360iso and elsewhere stick to authoring X-only, single instrument tracks, because that’s what they play.


          It’s a good list and I’ve gotten one or two songs off of it. Does anyone even listen to the requests? I haven’t seen a download link added there ever.

            It’s a good list and I’ve gotten one or two songs off of it. Does anyone even listen to the requests? I haven’t seen a download link added there ever.

            Requests serve little purpose, whether here or there.

            Requests serve little purpose, whether here or there.


            Yes and no, I mean, upon requesting Metallica and Megadeth songs (just those two lol), I’ve had the luck of plenty of nice and courteous people replying with helpful links that also led me to the post which featured the CON files for Battery, Any Way You Want It, among others that weren’t in the RB1/RB2 to RB3 export packs done by Harmonix.


            So maybe the songs you request might not get charted now (or even ever), but it’s at least a place where people can steer you in the direction of things that you may have otherwise not been able to find.

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