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    Probably well known to fans of SRV or Buddy Guy. KWS has a great collection of electric blues, much of his popular stuff was released in the early nineties. I’d strongly recommend Kenny Wayne as a potential in the future. My favorite from him is “Deja Voodoo” from his first album.


      Blue On Black


      Shame Shame Shame is another good one

      Sid Kafizz

        I’ll give a +1 to “Blue On Black”, and add “I Found Love (When I Found You)”. Slower song but still smoky & solid.


        Sid – definitely agree. That’s one of my favs. Glad to know there a few other KWS fans out there.


        My mother is a huge fan of the Blues, so I heard KWSB when “Blue on Black” was new, and I love that song. There was another guy out around the same time — Jonny Lang. His song was called “Lie to Me,” I think. They were both young white guys who sounded like old black guys, if I remember correctly. I would love the opportunity to sing both of them in Rockband, and I bet they would be fun for the axe grinders (guitarist FC chasers, haha) as well. And for parties. They were popular on the radio but have a little bit more substance behind them than a lot of what was on the radio.

        Sid Kafizz

          The two Jonny Lang songs that I remember are “Breakin’ Me” and “Red Light”. They’d be awesome in RB.


          Over two years old, but following the section rules and adding my +1 to Blue On Black instead of posting a new thread.

        Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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