June 28, 2013 – Aerosmith, Arcade Fire, Dokken, DragonForce, IPS, Robert Miles

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      Blog post: June 28, 2013 – New authors week! 5 singles from 3 newcomers, and DragonForce FtV!


      Use this thread to provide feedback on any of the following songs:

      • Aerosmith – “Seasons of Wither” (ws54)
      • Arcade Fire – “Rebellion (Lies)” (Ollie)
      • Dokken – “Dream Warriors” (Scienyde)
      • DragonForce – “Fury of the Storm” (TrojanNemo)
      • Innerpartysystem – “Don’t Stop” (Scienyde)
      • Robert Miles – “Children (Dream Version)” (Scienyde)

      Please use this thread for feedback and general discussion. If you want to report a bug or other issue with these songs, visit the C3 Bug Tracker.


      Note: This release formerly included Screaming Trees – “Halo of Ashes”. It has been removed at the author’s request.


      Yay, my first song release day! Though one minor thing from the blog post, PK… “Children” isn’t a multitrack, it’s just your normal custom with audio in the backing tracks. So, not as impressive I guess. :/




        Metal releases are the best… DREAM WARRIORS!! HELL YES!! With multitracks so I can belt out my own screams!! Thanks guys


        “See You Next Friday Thursday”

        Releasing content in the style of the PS3?

        Or is it because it’s the US’ independence day (July 4th)?

          “See You Next Friday Thursday”

          Releasing content in the style of the PS3?

          Sony stopped updating PSN content on Thursdays a LONG time ago. Now it’s Tuesdays for US and Wednesdays for EU.


          gj with getting children into the game, never thought of looking that track up when converting. Fun on tar btw.


            Cool week. Like last time, I’ve converted this high-quality release for the ambitious Wii player.

            Get it here.

            Speaking of quality, I had to try and reduce the file size of “Fury Of The Storm”. Those 16 high-quality tracks would have been a studder-fest and would barely make the file size limit.


              Is Fury of the Storm an update or re-release? I asked for some chart improvements to RB standards on guitar a while back, but from the video it looks like that request was ignored.


                The FtV name tells you it is an update to an existing custom (mine). The song received considerable fixes on drums and keys, harmonies were added and bass and venue received minor fixes. I am not qualified to play this guitar chart so I can’t spot anything being off. Certainly it is not not to RB standards.

                The song went through playtest and neither you nor anyone else had anything to say about the guitar chart…so what would I fix?

                If you see something you don’t like…report a bug, following the instructions given. Telling me the chart is no good is, well, no good. You need to be able to give specific instructions on what is wrong, why it’s wrong, and how to fix it. Alternately, you can fix it yourself and send me the updated track for an update to be pushed out.


                You guys are awesome! Thanks a lot. I like the amount of variation and the quality of the tracks. Those dance songs and the classics are great for parties! <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_smile.gif” />


                Thank you very much for Aerosmith and Dokken!


                Not really something in for me this time (might give Dokken a try), but man are you guys doing quality work here. Much appreciated!


                Hello new authors,


                Thank you for Dokken and Arcade Fire.

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