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      I think the best thing to do is to introduce myself so here it goes. My name Is Brandon (Jdcow45) I’ve been charting customs for Rock Band since audition mode came into existence. As the years progressed and Rock Band 3 came out I became obsessed with the drums and its Pro Mode. Charting drums is something I find relatively simple for me but where I exell most I think is in vocals. Most of my charts where conversions that needed vocals/harmonies and usually Pro Drums. I mostly chart metal and classic rock but I am open to anything I can find sheet music or or just like to listen to.

      All songs below currently have G/B/D and only need Vocals/Harmonies

      Avenged Sevenfold

      Danger Line

      God Hates Us

      Natural Born Killer


      Buried Alive

      Not Ready To Die

      Blinded In Chains

      Chapter 4

      Bullet For My Valentine

      The Poison (Album)

      Scream, Aim, Fire (Album)

      Fever (Album)

      Fever (G/B/D)

      Begging For Mercy (G/B/D)

      Pleasure And Pain (G/B/D)

      Temper Temper (Album)

      Temper Temper (Full Band with harmonies)




      Cryin’ Like A Bitch

      Five Finger Death Punch

      Never Enough

      No One Gets Left Behind

      The Way Of The Fist

      Far From Home




      The Infection

      The Night



      Harvester of Sorrow


      Holier Than Thou

      My Friend Of Misery

      The God That Failed

      The Call Of Ktulu (Instrumental)


      Architecture Of Aggression

      Dialectic Chaos

      Foreclosure Of A Dream

      High Speed Dirt

      Never Dead

      Never Walk Alone


      Skin O’ My Teeth

      Train of Consequences


      Falling Down

      Ex’s And Oh’s

      Dream Theater

      As I Am


      The Dance Of Eternity

      Another Day

      Take The Time


      Learning To Live

      I have many, many more as well but these will be my focus during the summer and I honestly could get most of these done in a month or two if I needed to. I am trying to bring more classic, hard hitting metal to Rock Band as well as some newer metal.


        Hey, welcome! You didn’t mention the audio separation work you can do to get karaoke versions of some songs, which could be cool.


        I would like to get some of my mates in here to discuss what you could do. Your list is impressive (plus you HAVE to release Run to You through C3 asap, that’s a great song that I know you have…) but I think we would also be interested in understanding if and how much you would be willing to help with “general duties” (like helping with that bass track a song From the Vault is missing or doing some PR, etc.) on a long term basis.


          Well I can say without a doubt that I am dedicated to this. Besides school, all I do is chart and convert songs for Rock Band. I am definitely in this for the long haul.


            Ok, so, why don’t you start with some of those songs, so we get to know each other and we can see where we go from there? Also, I wouldn’t mind help with the Cracked Rearview album I did a while ago, if you have time: I wanted to do a FtV release but it’s missing bass in a couple of songs.


              Added G/B/D Versions of some Bullet For My Valentine tracks I am currently working on. I will have the vocals for them done here soon so you can download these if you just can’t wait to play them. Temper Temper has G/B/D/V with full harmonies. Sorry for being M.I.A. for so long I’ve been doing a lot of projects all at once and getting a ton of work done actually. I hope everyone enjoys the customs I have to offer.

              P.S. All tracks are currently expert only.

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