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    I’m a new author. I listen to a lot indie rock, alternative, classic rock, and electronic music. Basically if you follow indie music blogs on the regular, that’s what you can expect from me for the most part.


    ok so I kind of understand the whole earmarking thing now ever since I’ve been getting deeper into this whole c3 thing. I hear a song I like and figure it’d be fun to play but I might not necessarily get to actually creating it, but to keep track of those songs would be handy. it’s still going to be a fairly short list but at least that way it’ll be possibly attainable.


    note that if anyone is interested in working with me with any of the customs I have listed, it will most likely go to the top of my to-do list.


    also I’m going to be slow as hell doing all of this so expect the list below to take up the entirety of 2014 if I stick with it.



    Silversun Pickups – Substitution (2009)

    Lorde – Royals (2013)



    Darwin Deez – Radar Detector (2010)



    Parquet Courts – Stoned and Starving (2013)

    The 1975 – Girls (2013)

    Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks (2009)

    The Thermals – A Pillar of Salt (2006)


    A “The Dismemberment Plan” track

    An “Interpol” track

    A “Bob Dylan” track


    Modest Mouse Pack 01

    – Ocean Breaths Salty (2004) (from their fourth LP, Good News For People Who Love Bad News)

    – Dashboard (2007) (from their fifth LP, We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank)

    (a track from one of their first three albums) (1996-2000)


    Silversun Pickups Pack 03 (it’s my goal to get one song from all of their releases [three LPs, one EP, and two 10″s] onto Rock Band) (and also there was never an official Pack 01 or 02, but their previous DLC releases came in two’s, so it’s close enough)

    – Kissing Families (2005) (from their first EP, Pikul)

    – Seasick (2011) (from their first 10″, Seaksick)

    – Here We Are (Chancer) (2012) (from their third LP, Neck of the Woods)

    – Let It Decay (2013) (from their second 10″, Let It Decay)


      Welcome, and great choice for a first song. I gave it a few plays on Guitar and Bass and it plays great. Got Gold Stars on both and not too easy to gold star. The only thing I can think of that might be able to be improved is on Bass in one section it sounded like the Bass strums continuously but you had it to a pattern that matched guitar. Sorry, I can’t be more specific right now, but be on the lookout for that (and I could be mistaken.)


      I think a lot of us list many songs so that if others are charting any of them they can let us know so we don’t duplicate effort, and also in case someone wants to collaborate on them with us.


      That’s cool. I actually pm’d Hop tonight because I saw that he wants to chart some DPlan songs and I’d be willing to collaborate with him on that.


      I also based the guitar and bass tracks off of online tabs. Not saying they’re super accurate but it gave me a good idea of what to do when it came to charting.


        Welcome. <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_smile.gif”> About long lists of songs, this is truly a passion, so don’t be surprised if many authors just get caught up in the excitement and list a lot of songs they eventually want to do. <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_wink.gif”>


        edited op with more earmarks. see ya.

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