Jamiroquai plz?

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      Jamiroquai is hideously underrepresented in Rock Band. This is probably because they’d likely have needed to introduce new difficulty tiers for some instruments, but the point is they are awesome, and I would literally pay cash money to have some Jamiroquai customs for me to fail pitifully at.


      If only one song could be done, it would have to be



      Other goodies are

      and All Good in the Hood <-- Really amazing if you dig bass lines.


      Please and thank you~


      Canned Heat in the rhythm game Elite Beat Agents filled me with nothing but sorrow and pain, and I’m pretty sure it killed my dog, but I mostly chalk that up to the inadequate sound chip of the DS failing to capture the tonal magnificence that is Jamiroquai. Also, Elite Beat Agents didn’t have a drum set. I’m pretty sure both of those things would be rectified in Rock Band, so, yeah, that’d be really great if they were in the game.


        Hmm… :raise:


          I LOVED playing Canned Heat in EBA! Forgot about this one.


          I was just recently introduced to Jamiroquai, and I’ve been fully infected by the groove of some of their songs. Let’s see some of them!


          Jamiroquai would be AWESOME!

        Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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