J1 Request Thread (Sweet Victory – Van Halen?)

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      Note: Anything marked with an * means that I currently know that someone or a group have plans of charting. However, plans can ‘fail’ or ‘never happen’ so the requests will stay til further notice.



      ~Van Halen~

      -Sweet Victory


      ~Sick Puppies~

      -Odd One

      -White Balloons



      -Dream Your Dream


      ~Five Finger Death Punch~

      -Wrong Side of Heaven



      -Save Me



      ~Pinkie Guy~

      -Lil’ Pip


      ~Three Days Grace~

      -Never Too Late


      ~Theory of a Deadman~

      -Not Meant To Be


      ~A Great Big World~

      -Say Something (I’m Giving Up On You)(ft. Christina Aguilera)


      ~Kid Rock~

      -All Summer Long


      ~Andrew Stein~

      -I Am No Hero

      -When I Find My Wings

      -Not Like Me

      -Away in the Sky

      -Let’s Go Get Lost

      -Survive the Night



      -Long Way From Equestria



      -Generosity (ft. Eliemonty)



      ~Owl City~

      -When Can I See You Again

      -Take To The Sky




      -Pursuing Fortune


      -Frailty (ft. DreamChan)


      -Rainbow Thrash*


      ~The Beatles~

      -Hey Jude

      -All Together Now

      -Eleanor Rigby

      -Magical Mystery Tour



      -Lovestruck Derpy

      -Fade to Grey

      -The End of Ponies

      -Shipping and Handling

      -Sorceress Girl

      -One Trick Pony

      -Colored Lights*

      -What If


      ~Imagine Dragons~





      -Angels and Demons (ft. Feather)

      -Red / Red (Extended Version)

      -One of Us (ft. Lectro Dub)

      -Far From Me

      -Open Your Eyes

      -Never Back Down (ft. d.notive and Yelling at Cats)



      -Rock The World

      -Shadows (ft. WoodenToaster)


      -Mirrors (ft. PrinceWhateverer)

      -Spirit of Chaos




      -Ghosts in the Code

      -Upside Down

      -Slice of Life

      -Set Me Free

      -Reach (All Along) / Reach (All Along)(Acoustic Version)


      -Fool’s Gold

      -Dream Again

      -Something To Give (All of Me) / Something To Give (All of Me)(Acoustic Version)

      -Voices of the Crowd


      -Haunted House

      -The Surface (ft. GatoPaint)

      -And More



      -Jingle Belle Rock

      -Nuclear Winter Wonderland

      -Sins of the Past

      -Ain’t Love A Buck To The Head

      -Dear Hearts And Gentle Ponies


      ~Forest Rain~

      -Nightmare Night

      -Bad Wolf


      -Join the Herd (Remaster Version)

      -Springtime in Maryland

      -Little Sparrow

      -Something Special



      ~The Black Eyed Peas~

      -Let’s Get It Started


        Updated list recently! Though no one probably cares anyways…


          3 of those are being produced.

            3 of those are being produced.


            So far… I can guess “Hey Jude” and “In The Air Tonight”…


            What’s the 3rd?


            My money is on Genesis.

              My money is on Genesis.


              I’m guessing that or Gun’s N’ Roses. I actually am hoping for the Gun’s N’ Roses one more XD.


                I’d say its either the GnR song or Genesis. I am hoping for the Genesis song, since we don’t have anything from them, yet.


                I do love both songs though. For anyone that may be doing Genesis…..please do: Follow You, Follow Me and That’s All. They are my favorite Genesis songs. <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_smile.gif” />




                  Added two Mando requests.


                    +1 for Owl City (Would love to have Galaxies, Hello, Seattle, and When Can I See You Again), In the Air Tonight, and Hey, Jude!



                      Removed some songs that I really don’t care to have that much and added some new ones that I think would be awesome to play!


                      Pearl Jam – “Brain of JFK”

                      Silverchair – “Freak”

                      Silverchair – “Israel’s Son”, “Roses”, “Emotion Sickness”

                      Broken Social Scene – 7/4 (Shoreline)

                      The Cranberries – “Animal Instinct” , “Ode to My Family”, “Salvation”, “I’m just shot John Lennon”

                      Placebo – “Special K”, “Without you I’m Nothing”, “Every you Every me”

                      Zwan – “Lyric”

                      Metric – “Wet Blanket” , “Monster Hospital”

                      Akira Yamaoka – “You’re Not Here” (Silent Hill 3 Theme)


                        Updated the original post and remade it cause I can!

                        Phil Collins ~ In The Air Tonight

                        Here is a live version of this song with all difficulties and full band (mostly?). I am not sure why MrMet posted this song and the Genesis song only over on xbox360iso and not over here like he normally does. http://www.xbox360iso.com/showpost.php? … count=2132


                          ~Updated List~

                          +Added “All Summer Long”


                            as they have the multitracks from powergig, i guess they should have it for all summer long, i’ve wanted it for a long time, and i think they actually got the keyboardist from lynyrd skynyrd to do that part.. i remember where i was when he died ;_;

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