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      There are various levels of use restriction in C3 CON Tools, and as authorized authors you have access to one of those levels.

      As of C3 CON Tools v3.7.4 (July 6, 2015) the passwords have changed and the methods to enter them have been simplified.



      Restricted features available to you


      C3 logo in Visualizer – allows you to mark your custom as being an “official” C3 release


      Stems Isolator – allows you to either prepare a CON for in-game stem recording or automatically separate the mogg of unencrypted CONs with various options


      Batch **cryptor – allows you to batch encrypt your songs (recommended)



      How to unlock these restricted features


      1. Open C3 CON Tools

      2. Right-click anywhere on its background (not a button) and select ‘Enter password’

      3. Copy/paste the following into the password field and press OK:


      Done. All features mentioned above are available to you. You will not have to enter this password again unless you delete and reinstall C3 CON Tools.



      Here are some RULES TO FOLLOW


      Unless you are releasing your song through C3 and it will be featured in the C3 database, do not use the C3 logo.


      Do not give anyone this password. If anyone asks you for it, direct them to this thread. If they’re not authorized to see this thread, then they’re not supposed to have the password. Simple as that.


      Violation of any of the above will result in an exclusion from the Authors group and/or a permanent ban.


      Ask if you have questions.

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