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      I’ve recently got into the custom scene so I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction.


      I’ve used LeFluffieFor to extract a track pack but what tools do I need to rebuild an individual track. I’d like to pick and choose my customs if I can.




      Create a new package with LeFluffie.

      It autocreates the songs folder, then create a folder under that with the song ID.

      Then create a folder under that called gen.


      Add all the files from the extracted song’s folders into this new one in the identical folders you created.

      Here’s where you’d edit the songs.dta file or swap out artwork if you wanted to.

      At the very least, you’ll need to create a new songs.dta with just the one song you are packing up.

      Then you hit button and the magic happens.


      With every release he’s making it easier and easier to do this type of library editing.

      I just finished pruning my library of a good 40 or so tracks from exports and track packs.

      A little time consuming along with some trial and error with cache rebuilds, but I finally got it squared away.

      Worth it, especially for the Lego RB export. I happily sent a third of that setlist packing.


        blasphemy! using my tools to get rid of perfectly good songs.


        anyways, in LeFluffie (use the one found on these forums), you can Create a file, and just add the files in the same structure that they are in the extracted folder It will always be

        songs -> songs.dta

        songs -> songnamehere -> songnamhere.mid

        songs -> songnamehere -> songnamehere.mogg

        songs -> songnamehere -> gen -> songnamehere.milo_xbox

        songs -> songnamehere -> gen-> songnamehere_keep.png_xbox


        give it a name, press Create Package. voila.



        the only trick, as mentioned before, is the songs.dta. Just delete everything else before and after your song. if you’re unsure, ask for help. if you mess up the songs.dta you might crash your xbox and song definitely won’t work.

      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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