Good Charlotte – The River

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      Some vocal feedback:

      Syllable placement needs significant work. Do you have scrub mode enabled in REAPER?


      Options / Preferences / Audio / Playback
      Scrub/jog settings:
      0 Only play selected tracks when scrubbing/jogging
      X Limit jog rate to 1.0x
      X Limit jog rate when near cursor
      O Faster responding jog
      X Limit scrub rate to 1.0x
      X Engage scrub when playing (stopping playback)
      Looped segment mode: -30 ms to 30 ms
      Scrub-mode controller sensitivity: 1.00
      When moving edit cursor via action or control surface: Scrub



      M17.3.43 val-: longer 3/64

      M17.3.62 ley: start here

      M17.4.64 Of(G#) – outside of a phrase marker. Odd place to start a new phrase – I’d make this one phrase through L A

      M18.2.31 the: shorten 3/64

      M18.3.18: sha-(:cool: +(C#), start dow 2/64 later

      M19.3.81 A: shorten 15/64 (!)

      M20.3.37 foot-: shorter 6/64

      M20.4.43 steps: shorter 5/64

      M21.1.56: that: shorter 3/64

      M21.2.62: were: shorter 2/64

      M21.3.06 next: start 3/64 earlier

      M21.4.00: to: start 4/64 later

      M21.4.75 me(G#), move 3/64 earlier

      M22.2.18: have: shorter 9/64

      M22.1.75 combine these two phrases

      M22.3.00: gone(:cool: +(C#)

      M22.3.87: their: start 6/64 later

      M23.1.00: sepa-: start 8/64 later

      M23.3.75: ways: end here (16/64 sooner)


        I’ll take over the vocal first pass/polishing for DC’s stuff unless a song I really can’t stand, so long as he has no objections.


        Nyx, I might lean on you for polishing passes at some point.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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