Faunts and Poets of the Fall

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    I’ve recently gotten into the RB customs scene, and I keep finding more and more to like and add. Back when Harmonix was still putting out DLC and taking requests on their site, most of my requests were by the two bands in the subject.


    Ever since hearing Faunts’ amazing “M4 Part II” at the end of Mass Effect, I wanted to be able to play it in RB. They have several other songs that would probably make for a fun time, like “Memories of Places We’ve Never Been” and “Das Malefitz”.


    And then there’s Poets of the Fall. They aren’t new to RB, with their single “Lift” being in RBN, but having waited almost two years now for the “confirmed” release of “Carnival of Rust”, I’ve started to lose faith that the song will survive the official authoring process. Songs that I would love to see most from PotF include the aforementioned “Carnival of Rust”, their newest track “Signs of Life”, and let’s say “The Ultimate Fling” for its epic outro guitar solo (hard for me to rank the rest of their tracks for which I would want most; I’m very much a fan).


    If I had the time to learn how to author songs myself, I probably would have been doing so already. Alas, I don’t have such time, so my only hope is that someone out there becomes interested enough in (or shares my adoration of) these bands to make charts for them. Haven’t seen anyone else request these artists, so I may as well try, right?


    Thanks for looking, if nothing else.

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